February 1, 2023

Winter Olympics day 11: snowboard large air, ladies’ declining skiing and ice hockey – live!


Each of the groups in the men’s opposition have played six of their nine booked games. Sweden and skip Niklas Edin, who lost the last to the USA and John Shuster in 2018, won every one of the six and have secured a compartment in the elimination rounds.

In runner up, it’s Bruce Mouat’s British crew, which is 5-1. They’re inactive in the present first meeting yet will play later against Sweden in a top-of-the-table conflict.

Canada, where twisting is a Very Big Deal, is 4-2. They’re playing China right now. Win that one and beat the ROC, and they’ll be 6-2 and in all likelihood guaranteed of an elimination round compartment in front of their last cooperative game against Mouat and Team GB.

Shuster’s US group and its adversary here, Switzerland, are 3-3, just like the ROC. That is your air pocket.

Four years prior, Shuster and friends dominated their last three matches to complete the cooperative effort at 5-4. That time around, that was to the point of meeting all requirements for the elimination rounds. Try not to rely on 5-4 being adequate this time.

Switzerland is one of those intriguing groups in which the skip doesn’t toss the last shakes. Peter de Cruz is in control, however he tosses second in the arrangement. Benoit Schwarz tosses the immensely significant last shakes.

(The main rocks, obviously, are the primary rocks, however I might be one-sided on the grounds that that was my position when I contended in the main competition I’ve at any point entered. We won. I’ve resigned unbeaten. Also, Shuster won a bronze decoration in 2006 playing lead for Pete Fenson.)