January 27, 2023
Regalo from Abrar, a burger vendor

Regalo from Abrar, a burger vendor

Vangari owns Regalo from Abrar, a burger vendor

He holds the highest degree from Queens Mary University of London. He did not find a job for the needs of life. Despite the opportunity, the big industrial companies did not take the lead. Decided to do something himself. He wants to be an exceptional example. The power of youth to move forward. He started his career selling burgers from a mobile van on the sidewalk.

Now he is the owner of the first luxurious five-star restaurant Regalo in Chittagong. He is Abrar Hossain, the youth icon of Chittagong. Abrar is doing his work from the secret. The extremely publicity-averse youngster prefers to stay in the background, but his exceptional state-of-the-art restaurant has now brought him into the limelight.

Abrar Hossain and exceptional dreams: Abrar Hossain was born with a golden spoon in his mouth. Father Mohammad Nurul Alam is the Managing Director of MEB Textiles established in Chittagong. Mother Nejad Sultana is a housewife. Abrar Hossain, the eldest of the three brothers, is still single in his personal life. Abrar dreams. Loves to fight to make dreams come true. Learn from any obstacle and find the ladder to move forward.

Aber’s family owns a large industrial group through family inheritance. Hundreds of thousands of employees work in their several large industrial establishments. During the conversation, Abrar Hossain said that even though he was born with a golden spoon in his mouth, he never thought that he would eat luxurious food on a golden plate inherited from his inheritance.

  • From a very young age, both dreams and efforts to do something on their own have worked together. I study in London. I returned home in 2013 after completing my graduation in Business and Management from Queens Mary University of London.
  • Even though I was supposed to take over the family business back home, I did not back down from trying and dreaming of doing something myself. After returning home, I did a 7-month internship at Grameenphone in Dhaka only to learn how to work. Then came back to Chittagong.
  • The plan to start a business on his own back to his native place began to swirl in his head. While studying in London, the business of restaurants or good fusion food got into my head. From that idea, I started selling burgers in a mobile van with my saved money. This started at the end of 2014. Abrar named this mobile shop selling burgers in a van as ‘Boom Town’.
  • Abrar said, I used to pull a van from home and come in front of Chittagong Shilpakala Academy every day. I used to make and sell burgers myself in front of the art gallery from morning till late night. Within a short time ‘Boom Town’ gained immense popularity. After only 8 months of business, it stands on its own feet.
  • ‘Boom Town to Boutique Restaurant Regalo’: Abrar Hossain’s story is just like a dream. Abrar Hossain said, the desire to do something big in Chittagong, something modern and different like a dream had entered into my blood. I have never backed down from my dreams. While selling burgers, he got a place to open a restaurant in Dampara Wasa Mor area of ​​the city near Shilpakala.
  • But I never thought of doing a traditional food restaurant like everyone else. I thought to show Chittagong people something new. Sit in Chittagong to taste international quality food. From that dream, I started the work of establishing the first modern and international restaurant at Wasser Junction at the end of 2015. With the help of some friends,

the work of establishing “Regalo” started in the month of October 2015.

Regalo from Abrar, a burger vendor

  • ‘Rigalo’ is a Spanish word. which means gift. I established ‘Regalo’ to give something new to the people of Chittagong. In April 2016, Chittagong’s first five-star means Mexican, American, Chinese fusion food, Rigalo officially started its journey. Prior to this, training was given to the employees recruited by Rigalo from October 2015 to April 2016.
  • Why is ‘Rigalo’ an exception?: Abrar Hossain, the dreamer of ‘Rigalo’, said that ‘Rigalo’ is the only restaurant in Chittagong that has truly international taste in its food. Here, ingredients are sourced from Mexico to prepare Mexican food. Similarly, ingredients for American and Chinese cuisine are imported from those countries. The restaurant also offers fusion dishes.
  • Abrar said, “We prepare food in such a way that a foodie who eats the same food at a ‘regalo’ in America will not notice any difference. ‘Rigalo’ and Abrar’s dream journey: During the conversation, Abrar Hossain said that even though I established ‘Rigalo’ starting from the sale of burgers, I never sit as owner or boss. From cleaning the table to assisting the chef in the kitchen, this restaurant has no role to play. Every day from early morning to late night I myself work in the restaurant along with other staff.
  • Indian, Nepalese, Vietnamese workers work in the restaurant along with professional restaurateurs. All the workers do cleaning work in addition to their assigned work. I also clean the restaurant myself. All the workers have to do all the work in this restaurant.

That ‘Boom Town’ of dreams: Abrar Hossain started from ‘Boom Town’ but did not forget that ‘Boom Town’ van. Abrar’s ‘Boom Town’ is now permanently established in front of the Art Gallery as ‘Boom Town Cafe’. Abrar’s ‘boom town’ is still buzzing every day, every night in the art scene. Boom Town Cafe is getting more popular day by day by serving different types of food.