March 25, 2023
There will never be a solution to nuclear

There will never be a solution to nuclear

There will never be a solution to nuclear war

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that no one can win a nuclear war and that such a war should never be started.

He made these comments in a letter to the participants of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) conference on Monday (August 1).

Reuters reported this information in a report on Monday night. Basically, Russia has been conducting military operations in Ukraine for more than five months.

The fear of using nuclear weapons has also come forward several times during this period.

  • President Putin said, “We are moving forward with the fact that no one can win a nuclear war and therefore it (nuclear war) should never happen.”
  • We stand for equal and indivisible security for all members of the global community.’
  • Reuters reports that President Putin’s remarks at the NPT forum on Monday were intended to portray Russia as a responsible nuclear power.
  • But today’s statement contradicts previous statements by Putin and other Russian politicians.
  • Previous statements by President Putin and other Russian leaders have been interpreted as threats of nuclear war in Western countries.
  • In a speech given last February 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the beginning of Russian aggression in Ukraine.
  • Putin then pointed to Russia’s nuclear arsenal and warned outside powers that any attempt to intervene (in Ukraine) would lead to

consequences that you have never faced in your history

There will never be a solution to nuclear

Days later, Vladimir Putin ordered Russia’s nuclear forces to be on high alert.

Such geopolitical tensions have not been seen since the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962,

and politicians in Russia and the United States have openly spoken of the risk of World War III.

US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director William Burns said last April that, given Russia’s push in Ukraine,

“none of us can take lightly the potential threat of the use of tactical nuclear weapons or low-level nuclear weapons.”

However, Russian military doctrine allows for the use of nuclear weapons in the event of a threat to the existence of the Russian state.

In addition, the West has accused Russia of waging a “proxy war” against Russia by arming Ukraine and imposing sanctions on Moscow.

Before this, Russia conducted the first test of its new intercontinental ballistic missile Sarmat last April.

This advanced Russian missile is capable of launching a nuclear attack on the United States. Moscow says Russia plans to deploy the weapon by next fall.