December 8, 2022
The way the journey of the trafficked Bangladeshi immigrants ended

The way the journey of the trafficked Bangladeshi immigrants ended

The way the journey of the trafficked Bangladeshi immigrants ended

Two Bangladeshi migrants were waiting desperately at the main gate of a municipal refugee reception camp outside Nicosia,

the capital of Cyprus, last week.

Because they wanted to enter the camp to keep the immigration aspirants in excess of capacity.

The two young men looked tired and scared. One of them is Selim Hossain, who is 24 years old.

He told the German news agency Deutsche Welle that

authorities were not allowing them to enter the camp due to a lack of paperwork.

💨”We don’t have a passport,” Hossain said.

A Bangladeshi human trafficker took them from us in northern

Cyprus before sending them to the south of the island. ‘

The municipality is the largest refugee camp in Cyprus for immigrants.

This camp made for one thousand people.

But at present there are more than twice as many people here,

including about 200 Bangladeshis. In this situation many complained of serious problems there,

including overcrowding, disgusting bathroom facilities and short food and water rations.

During a recent visit to the camp, Cypriot President Nikos Anastasiades described the situation there as “tragic.”

Hossain and his friend Enamul Haque said they left Dhaka on June 8 in

the hope of working on an apple farm in northern Cyprus.

Each had to pay about হাজার 7,360 to a local human trafficker to travel through Dubai.

These Bangladeshi human traffickers have contacts with other traffickers in Europe.

Hossain said, ‘We went to Dubai from Dhaka on a tourist visa. After spending two nights there, the traffickers told us to go to Northern Cyprus via Turkey.

We had to change flights three times and some Bangladeshi agents helped us at every step. ‘

He said that in northern Cyprus, they offered a job at a construction company.

The company is working to modernize Erkan International Airport in North Nicosia.

Tariq Kahraman, an official with the company,

  • said two Bangladeshi nationals and another Pakistani worker had come to work for the company
  • but had gone missing a few days earlier.
  • Cyprus  divided in the 1980s over the issue of accession to Greece. In a coup d’tat in 1974, Turkey occupied northern Cyprus.
  • There is a 160 km long UN buffer zone between northern and southern Cyprus. Only Turkey recognizes the Turkish Cypriot government in the north.
  • And in the south, the Greek Cypriot government has  recognized  the international community.
  • According to the Cypriot government, about 90 percent of immigrants enter Turkey and isolated Turkish Cypriots through student visas.
  • Thousands of people then crossed the UN buffer zone and sought refuge in Greek Cypriot.
  • Bangladesh is among the top ten countries whose citizens seek asylum in Greek Cyprus.
  • Last year, more than 600 Bangladeshis applied for asylum and so far this year, more than 800 applications have received.
  • Almost all of these applications generally rejected. Because Bangladesh considered a safe country,
  • which means that its people in general do not deserve international protection.

    Many Bangladeshi immigrants know that they have no chance to apply for asylum. But even then they appealed.

This is because asylum seekers  allowed to work during the processing of their application.

A Bangladeshi-Cypriot immigrant observer,

speaking on condition of anonymity, said, ‘An asylum seeker can work for several years during the process of their application.

Once an application rejected, they can repeatedly appeal against it.

It gives them the opportunity to work in EU countries for a long time, about 5 to 6 years. ‘

Deutsche Welle spoke to a number of Bangladeshis living in cities such as Kirenia and North Nicosia.

💨They said they were working as ‘agents’ for local universities and companies.

They describe how hundreds of young Bangladeshis tempted to come to this country

with the promise of lucrative jobs and a better life.

After coming to Northern Cyprus, these Bangladeshi youths understand the reality and realize the false promises.🔱