March 25, 2023
The Sethi family gave a gift of 85 thousand rupees after the parrot was returned

The Sethi family gave a gift of 85 thousand rupees after the parrot was returned

The Sethi family gave a gift of 85 thousand rupees after the parrot was returned

When his partner finally returns after five long days, Ryo is so overjoyed that he pecks her lips. Literally. Like Rio, his partner is a beautiful African gray parrot (Tia).

This bird named Rustma left the house after finding the door open.

  • A family in the southern Indian state of Karnataka has announced a cash donation to retrieve a missing bird. After that, the bird came up in the headlines.
  • When Rustama was found safely five days later, the family gave the rescuer Rs 85,000 as a gift. However, they announced a reward of Rs 50,000 to get Rustma back.
  • The Sethi family said they bought Tia two from Bangalore city three years ago. It is not illegal to keep an African Gray Parrot as a pet in India
  • However, conservationists have often advocated limiting the breeding and trade of exotic birds in India.

Arjun Shetty, the owner of Pakhi Two, is a businessman. “We always consider them as part of our family and never believe in keeping them in cages,” he said.

He said the birds also loved spending time with family, especially Sethi’s seven-year-old son Bihaan. Birds can also repeat the sounds they hear around them.

But 10 days ago, when some furniture was brought into the house, Rustma flew away. After losing his partner, Rio became depressed and stopped eating.

Arjun Shetty said he spent a lot of money on printing and distributing leaflets and posters with Rustma’s picture.

The family announced a reward of Rs 50,000 for the return of the bird. Posters  put up on several roads in their home town of Tamakaru. Mikeing  also done to get Rustama back.

And when all this was going on, Rustama was only three kilometers away from them. Two laborers named Srinivas and Krishnamurthy trapped the bird.

A day after Rustma left home, Krishnamurti saw the bird sitting on a tree. He saw the bird, which had taken shelter from the dogs and cats, tired and frightened.

Rustma comes to Krishnamurti of her own free will. Later he gave it to Srinivas. He kept it in a cage and fed it.

Four days later, the leaflet fell on the eyes of Srinivas and Krishnamurthy. Then they called Arjun Shetty. Then they realize they are going to get more money than what  promised.

Arjun Shetty said, We spoke to a priest, ‘He told us that the bird would  found in three days. But he also said, if the prize money increased, it can received earlier.

When Arjuna went to collect Rustama, he found the caged bird tired and sad. “When it sees me, it’s a sight to behold,” he said.

It starts making loud noises which it does when it is very happy and excited’. The whole family is happy when Rustma returns. But Rio is happy the most.🔱