November 19, 2022

The Man Who Tried Too Hard to Get a Flight

Passengers were forced to evacuate a Delta flight at LaGuardia Airport when the fire alarm went off. The plane was grounded for hours while authorities investigated, but no cause of the alarm has been found yet. While passengers are still waiting in line to get on their respective flights, one man is being detained by police after he attempted to jump over a fence and onto another plane’s tarmac.

A Delta flight was reportedly evacuated at LaGuardia Airport on Saturday afternoon after the plane’s fire alarm went off. The plane landed at Terminal B and passengers were forced to wait on the tarmac as authorities investigated the cause of the warning light. There’s been no word yet as to what caused it.

Around 1:15 pm, the Port Authority responded to a report of an unidentified man attempting to jump over a fence and onto another plane’s tarmac. The man was stopped by authorities before he could make it over and is now in police custody. It’s unclear if he had any connection to the Delta flight or what exactly his motives were.

No injuries were reported in either incident and no air traffic was disrupted during the time passengers were forced to wait on the grounded plane. The evacuation caused a backup of planes waiting to take off which delayed their flights up to two hours. Not only did this inconvenience several Delta customers, but JetBlue and American Airlines groups who were also waiting to take off.

No flights have been allowed to land at LaGuardia since Saturday afternoon. Many passengers are stuck in limbo while they wait for their planes to depart, but the airlines will only allow them to fly out when it’s safe to do so. LaGuardia Airport has not announced when it will reopen and passengers should expect further delays as the day goes on.

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Delta has taken issue with a recent Associated Press story that claimed the airline was banning the shipment of hunting trophies after one passenger brought it to their attention on social media. While individuals are still allowed to ship items containing real animal parts, commercial airlines have set restrictions in place for shipping these products so they cannot be transported alongside checked luggage.

Delta will officially ban shipment of all lion, leopard, elephant, rhinoceros, and buffalo trophies worldwide as of Friday, November 8. The company’s policy is to support conservation efforts for animal species threatened by hunting, but they also want to avoid the risk of their planes becoming potential carriers of dangerous diseases.