November 18, 2022

Southwest Flights Canceled Across the Nation

The airline is having some major technical and weather issues that have cancelled flights across the nation. Southwest has not released any information as to when they will be back up and running, but we can only hope it’s soon. This blog post contains all the information you need on what airlines are still flying today, as well as which airports are currently open for business.

In addition to this information, please note that neither the airport itself nor individual airlines are liable for delayed or cancelled flights. You want to be reimbursed? You have to fight your case in court. It’s the law.

As our beloved media, here are some helpful links for you to stay updated on today’s happenings

CNBC is reporting that the FAA will be keeping a close watch on weather conditions over the next few days, so brace yourself for more cancellations and delays. Atlanta is already reporting thunderstorms this afternoon, so expect delays.

The National Weather Service has issued a Severe Thunderstorm Watch for much of the Southeast, including Atlanta, GA Birmingham, AL Charlotte, NC Memphis TN New Orleans, LA Raleigh/Durham, NC and St. Louis , MO , until 9 PM EDT this evening. There are also two Winter Storm Warnings in effect for much of the East Coast , including Philadelphia, PA New York City and Boston, MA.

Yesterday’s issues seem to be taking their toll on people all over social media here are some Twitter reactions

Southwest Airlines continues to run off pilot shortages like most other airlines, so there is no telling when they’ll get back up and running.

If your flight is cancelled, you want to re-book as soon as possible . Airlines have been known to bump passengers from the flight they originally purchased for higher paying customers or if seats become unavailable. United Airlines has been caught doing this in 2007 and 2009 here and here , and it may still be happening today. Do not let this happen to you. If your flight is cancelled, complain and ask for a supervisor .

We’ll be updating the information in this post as we get closer to takeoff time, so bookmark it and remember to check back soon. Good luck today!

The problem with no cross-border regulation comes to mind. This is like U.K. and Europe No united!

I’m sure there will be no air traffic how will we all get away from each other? I may just have to get on a boat and go north and sail to the USA, if the icecaps all melt that is.

A mechanical failure of one engine isn’t going to prevent Southwest from flying their planes. This is just bad management and corporate greed at play here. All we can do is hope they get it together before Christmas when flights are in even higher demand.

The hassles continue with no end in sight! Yes, I agree that the FAA should be focusing on Southwest but that is not what this post or article are about. This is about giving you up to the minute information on which airlines are flying today and where they are flying to/from. Please feel free to report back your experiences today as we would love to hear them.

I know that mechanical problems can cause an airline to cancel everything, but honestly this seems like something else is going on. It’s not normal for an airline to have 8+ hour delays across the country with no end in sight, at least not in the DFW area.