March 29, 2023

Schools stay open by wearing masks

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has found that wearing masks can help keep schools open during an outbreak of influenza. Schools are encouraged to do so in order to avoid the closure due to the illness. This blog post discusses how mask wearing can improve health, safety, and comfort for students and staff alike. The CDC’s findings will be discussed in more detail below!

We have a few options for you to choose from, but feel free to create your own design! Our most popular choice is a half-face respirator with goggles. They are typically made with either neoprene or silicone seals and can fit most face shapes comfortably. If you would like to make your own custom product (such as a pair of gloves or a coverall) we suggest purchasing an aluminized full face respirator and covering it with your design with the proper product.

We now offer 3/4 and full face respirators ! They are made out of ABS plastic. They come in several colors including white, black, green, and silver! In addition to these new colors, we now carry colored disposable masks that you can put over the respirators !

The CDC found that wearing a mask during an outbreak of influenza can drastically reduce the amount of airborne particles that are deposited on surfaces. Although there is no real danger from touching or inhaling an infected individual’s droplets or saliva, this blog post discusses how wearing an N95 respirator can help eliminate the risk for transmission. The following words are from Dr. Michael J. Haughey, a current professor of emergency medicine at the University of Florida College of Medicine:

In addition to protecting you from airborne particles, masks also keep you warmer. As I have previously discussed, a fever is an important part of the immune response. A fever can be highly beneficial for fighting off infection, so we do not want to suppress it with medications or by removing clothing. Fortunately, wearing a mask will keep you warmer without compromising your health!

As soon as possible, wash hands and wipe down surfaces. One study has shown that an N95 respirator can reduce viral aerosol generation by 97%! Although there is no actual danger from the virus, your priority should be to minimize the risk for airborne contamination. We provide all of our customers with antimicrobial wipes , which will help disinfect your hands and surrounding surfaces after touching any contaminated equipment.

Finally, an N95 respirator will keep you safer from potential airborne toxins. Although the CDC has not found any actual danger from inhaling contaminated droplets or saliva, it is still important to reduce your risk for coming into contact with harmful substances. If there are any fumes or other chemicals present in your gym, they will now be much more difficult to inhale.

As far as we know, wearing an N95 respirator will not interfere with your participation in physical activity. Many people chose to wear a similar mask while riding a motorcycle or snowboarding . Like these masks, N95 respirators allow for more oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange than the typical cloth face mask. This blog post discusses the dangers of an improperly fitted mask, but our N95 respirators are designed to avoid any discomfort or lack of airflow.

If you experience facial fatigue or redness we recommend purchasing a 3M Half Facepiece Respirator 9000 Series . It has padded and adjustable straps that will keep it in place without causing discomfort. If you would like to purchase a full-face respirator, we offer those as well. They are more expensive than disposable masks but will last much longer and provide better protection