March 25, 2023
Rooney wants to finish his career, not a hot seat

Rooney wants to finish his career, not a hot seat

Rooney wants to finish his career, not a hot seat

Wayne Rooney has recently resigned as England’s third tier club Derby County. It  speculated that the former Manchester United star might soon join elsewhere.

But Rooney  proved everyone’s point wrong. For now, he focused on finishing coaching lessons, not hot seats. This  reported by the English media The Sun.

Derby County last played in the third tier in the 1985-8 season. The club will finally  in the third level again in the coming season.

Before that, the English club wanted to keep Rooney. But they did not succeed. Rooney has left with several allegations against the club’s management.

Rooney has already completed half of the pro license course. He is working hard to finish the rest. Recently witnessed an under-20 tournament for training.


Rooney, 36, wants to go to top clubs at home and abroad to enrich his coaching skills. Even enroll in an LMA management course.

Liam Rosenier will be the head coach of Derby County during the emergency due to Rooney’s resignation.

Jack Buxton will be the assistant to the former Blackpool boss. Derby County will play their first match on July 30 against Oxford United.

In a statement after saying goodbye to Derby County,

Rooney said: “Derby County is a club with a rich history and great fans.

Today I met with the administrators and informed them of my decision that it was time to leave my club. They tried hard to change my decision. But I have made this decision in my mind. ‘🔱