March 25, 2023
Ronaldo did not sign a contract with Bayern

Ronaldo did not sign a contract with Bayern

Ronaldo did not sign a contract with Bayern Munich

Cristiano Ronaldo is leaving Manchester United, it has somehow become certain.
However, there is a lot of speculation about where his next destination will be.
Ronaldo’s list of possible new destinations also included Bayern Munich.
However, in a word from the team’s chief executive Oliver Kane, the possibility of Ronaldo’s trip to Munich has been ruled out.
The former German goalkeeper said that Ronaldo could not agree with Bayern’s philosophy.
Ronaldo told United last week that he would be let go if a good offer came.
According to the English media, Ronaldo wants to leave the team to play in the Champions League.
That’s why the names of Chelsea, Bayern and Napoli came up in his potential destination.
However, Kahn said that his team will not try to pull the Portuguese legend into the team.
I love Ronaldo,” he told German magazine Kicker in a recent interview.
In my opinion, he is one of the best in history. However, adding him to the team does not fit our philosophy at all. ‘
The mainstay of Bayern’s attack is Robert Lewandowski, who is desperate to leave Bayern this season.
The 33-year-old striker has told Bayern he is interested in leaving the team.
Wherever he wants to go, Barcelona have made three offers to Lewandowski. Although Kahn has directly stated that the Polish striker is not for sale at all.
However, United took the same step for Ronaldo.
New coach Eric Ten Hague has told the club he wants to keep Ronaldo in the squad at any cost.

However, United’s position is relatively more flexible than Bayern’s

Ronaldo did not sign a contract with Bayern

The Premier League giants will consider any good offer for Ronaldo, according to local media.

Ronaldo is desperate to play in the Champions League.

In the last few years of his career he wants to compete at the top level in Europe.

Ronaldo now wants to leave the team as United will not be able to play in the best continental competition in Europe next season.

United have started practicing for the new season. However, Ronaldo never seen there.

It is learned that he is not joining the team due to family reasons. As a result, the rumor of his leaving the team is getting heavier.