December 10, 2022

Red Sox Pitcher Gets Three Outs With Broken Leg

When did you last see a pitcher get three outs with a broken leg? Pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, Charlie Morton broke his leg on Saturday. He was taken out of the game and replaced by reliever Brandon Workman. The injury happened in the fifth inning when he stepped awkwardly on first base during an attempted pickoff throw to second base after fielding a bunt by Brock Holt.

Morton could be out for the rest of the season, and Boston should have a better idea of how long he will be sidelined after undergoing surgery on Sunday. The team is hopeful that it will only take six to eight weeks before Morton can return to games.

I am surprised that no one was able to score from second as Morton was not able to make a throw.

Morton is on the 15-day disabled list, but his stint will be extended to 60 days under MLB rules on disabled lists that apply when there are injuries involving ligaments or tendons. It is possible that Morton could sit out for 12 weeks before returning if he opts for surgery.

Morton was swept up in a defensive shift to first base when Holt bunted the ball back towards the pitcher. Holt is not even close to being fast, so I cannot understand why Boston shifted with their slow catcher at third. It seems that having Pedroia, who has range, playing second would have made more sense.

Morton entered the game 4-0 with a 2.38 ERA in his last four starts and was one of just three pitchers in baseball, along with Dallas Keuchel and Jake Arrieta, to go undefeated in at least five starts this year. He has been a big part of Boston’s early success, which is evident by the team being just three games out of first place in the AL East at 19-14.

It is amazing that he was able to pitch five solid innings after breaking his right fibula, which is the larger and stronger of two bones in the lower leg. The injury usually takes 6-12 weeks to heal depending on whether surgery is necessary.

Dr. Geoff Blum is an orthopedic physician at Memorial Hermann Sports Medicine Institute and former Houston Astro, who broke his leg during the 2004 playoffs while with the Chicago White Sox. If he’s able to do it without surgery, that’s phenomenal, said Dr. Geoff Blum . I’d say he’s out for a minimum of six weeks. I guess he could miss the rest of the season depending on how much damage there is inside that fracture.

Blum also said that because Morton was able to pitch with the injury, his leg probably did not have any ligament damage below the knee. Worst case scenario, if it is a complete fracture, surgery can take three to four months before he’s even able to walk.

It seems that the Red Sox will be without one of their pitchers for at least six weeks and maybe more. I hope that they do not rush him back as I would like them to concentrate on winning this year instead of next.