December 8, 2022

President Barack Obama pledges to rebuff ISIS for decapitating James Foley

Extraordinary powers endeavored to save Americans – including James Foley – held prisoner by ISIS in Syria recently however fizzled, it was uncovered today.

The mission to save the columnist and others was completed toward the beginning of July yet was ineffective in light of the fact that the prisoners being held by a gathering of British jihadists known as ‘The Beatles’ couldn’t be found.

It came as President Obama’s lead pulled in developing analysis later he played golf following he gave a discourse denouncing the homicide of Mr Foley.

Four minutes subsequent to leaving the platform Obama jump started and was seen snickering with companions and clench hand knocking them during a five-hour round at Farm Neck Golf Course on Martha’s Vineyard his seventh 18-holes in ten days.

In the interim his organization was informing on its salvage endeavors this mid year and said it would not deliver more subtleties on the assault, yet sources told the New York Times that the mission was completed by two dozen special forces individuals, who were dropped off in Syria toward the beginning of July and were met with gunfire.

The sources wouldn’t agree where the attack was held, yet brought up that assuming it had occurred in a vigorously populated region it probably would have as of now made news. They additionally wouldn’t remark on the number of prisoners were accepted to be held hostage at the area, or their names.

During the battle the ISIS powers endured ‘a lot of setbacks’ while just a single American was somewhat injured. The American group was then ready to withdraw back to their helicopters and departure.

The organization stayed quiet about the attack, by commandos from the tip top Delta Force, the U.S. military’s world class counter-psychological warfare unit, up to this point to ‘save future freedoms’ for another mission.

Subtleties of the mission were uncovered later President Obama talked about the execution of James Foley and guaranteed new strikes on ISIS. In a conspicuous difference to the serious mind-set of his discourse, the president then, at that point, gotten back to his get-away and the green where he was imagined giggling and grinning with companions.

Since the video U.S. powers have completed 14 new strikes on IS focuses close to the Mosul dam regardless of the danger that another American prisoner would be killed.

Prior in the day the Obama Administration uncovered that they had some awareness of an email shipped off Foley’s family last week, cautioning ‘that they would execute Jim’.

Just in the wake of getting the email, the Foley family made the White House mindful, as per Philip Balboni, who established the Global Post – a Boston media source that distributed Foley’s photos.

He likewise said he was sure the national government knew where Foley was kept consistently in Syria, he told correspondents. He said the public authority had likely put forth attempts to save him, yet he didn’t have the foggiest idea about the subtleties, as they were arranged.