March 28, 2023
Precedent doctors to replace the pair of breasts to prevent cancer!

Precedent doctors to replace the pair of breasts to prevent cancer!

Precedent doctors to replace the pair of breasts to prevent cancer!

To save the patient from death, doctors used to surgically remove the cancerous breast. Although the woman with cancer survived, she  mutilated.

Due to which many researchers have moved towards new medical methods.

This time they have got success in that research.

The Indian media Times of India and Zee News have confirmed this.

Both men and women can affected breast cancer. However, compared to men,

women are more likely to avoid the disease without treatment due to shame and embarrassment,

as a result of which the disease has a chance to spread in the body.

To solve this problem, an uncomfortable test for breast cancer has already  invented instead of ‘Clinical Breast Examination’ or mammography,

easy check breast diagnosis. It is now possible to easily diagnose breast cancer through a blood test.

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In continuation of this, doctors have recently succeeded in solving another problem of breast cancer.

The problem is that breast cancer treatment involves surgically removing the affected breast to remove the cancer.

In addition to mutilation of women, physical beauty also lost.

However, the doctors of SSKM Hospital in India are hoping that this not happen again.

They say that foreign advanced medicine will  caught in Asia this time as well.

As this complex surgery was the first of its kind in India,

the breast cancer surgeon Dr. came from England to assist the doctors of SSKM Hospital.

Sumohan Chatterjee and Dr. Amit Agarwal.

Experts say that people who have the Braca 1 and 2 genes positive in their body

are at risk of developing breast cancer.

The presence of such genes can lead to breast cancer as well as cervical or ovarian cancer.

So the doctors have taken steps to remove the cancerous breasts quickly.

However, with this new technology, there is an opportunity to cut the affected breast and replace it again.

In this special method the artificial breast covered with a matrix.

Therefore, the researchers also think that the pain of removing the patient’s breast after the surgery will no longer exist.🔱