March 24, 2023

Outbreak of waterborne diseases following floods in Pakistan

Water-borne diseases have spread at a high rate after severe floods in Pakistan. Cholera has become an epidemic. Temporary hospitals have  opened in different districts of Balochistan province to treat patients.

Even though the flood waters have receded, severe food shortages have emerged. Many people are living under the open sky as their houses have damaged. Reuters news.

Pakistan’s Balochistan province was hit by severe floods last month due to heavy rains. In addition to the loss of life, houses, roads and bridges damaged in the terrible floods of the past.

Various power plants of the country were submerged in water.

This resulted in extreme disaster.

The sudden subsidence of flood waters has led to outbreaks of water-borne diseases in various districts of Belikhustan province.

Many diseases including cholera, diarrhea have taken the form of an epidemic. The authorities are struggling to provide medical services in the hospital.

Temporary hospitals have opened at various places to deal with the situation.

A resident of the province said, “My elder brother died of cholera.” Cholera is widespread in this area. There is no adequate treatment here.

There is no room in the hospital either. The communication system is also not good, I will take it to the city for treatment.

A local farmer said, I had prepared all the tomatoes and peppers for sale. But all was destroyed in the flood. Farmers have lost hundreds of crores of rupees. Around eight hundred families have been affected here.

According to the information of the government of Pakistan, cholera has spread in 13 districts of Balochistan province so far.

There is a severe food shortage due to the flood damaged cropland. Many people are spending their days under the open sky due to the collapse of their houses.

The residents said that even if the government came forward to help them, it was not enough.🔱