December 8, 2022
Messi lost the reign to Mbappe in the footzone FIFA

Messi lost the reign to Mbappe in the footzone FIFA

Just as Lionel Messi had the absolute dominance at Barcelona, ​​he doesn’t have that at PSG. Kylian Mbappe’s power is more there.

Be it on the field or off the field. This Argentinian superstar is now looking for another reign with Mbappe.

Messi is no longer the most rated player in the famous football game FIFA, with French star Mbappe taking his crown.

Marka confirms on Footzone FIFA that Mbappe will have the highest rating in the coming FIFA 23. As a result, after four years,

Messi will drop to the second place in the list of the most rated players of the FIFA game. Earlier, Messi was at the top of this list with ratings of 94, 94, 93 and 93 respectively in FIFA 19, 20, 21 and 22.

Mbappe will take this place in FIFA 23. The French star will have a rating of 92 in the game. No other player will have more points than that, reports Marca.

Mbappe’s highest rating in this FIFA game will also share the Messi-Ronaldo reign. In the last 14 games, no one could achieve the highest rating from these two superstars of football!

Starting from FIFA 09, Messi and not Ronaldo was the highest rated player in the game for 14 consecutive years.

However, Messi’s dominance has  seen more in the FIFA rating. Messi was the highest rated player in seven consecutive games from FIFA 10 to 16. Ronaldo had this feat in FIFA 17 and 18.

  • In the next four games, the superstar of Argentina regained dominance. From FIFA 9 to 22, Messi’s rating never fell below 90.
  • Ronaldo’s rating dropped to 89 once in FIFA 11. But before that his rating was always above 90.
  • Messi topped FIFA 22 last year with a rating of 93, one rating lower than Robert Lewandowski at two. Ronaldo shared the third place with Mbappe with a rating of 91.

Last season, Mbappe scored 39 goals, 26 goals  scored by his teammates. As a result, his rating increased by 1.

Meanwhile, Messi was able to contribute 25 times in all competitions last season, so it is certain that his rating will decrease.

That’s why Messi lost the top spot in FIFA game rating to Mbappe. Although there news about Mbappe’s top position and rating in FIFA 23, it  not known how many rating points the rest will be.🔱