January 27, 2023

Made-for-TV meeting of Putin and Lavrov recommends Russia might be searching for exit ramp in Ukraine emergency


It was a surprising scene communicated toward the West on Monday. Russian President Vladimir Putin situated at the top of a long meeting table, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov situated at the far furthest edge, preparation his chief.

It was a gathering that could ordinarily have been held away from plain view, yet Putin clearly needed to introduce an image of a Russia that has not yet abandoned strategy, even as his attack power circling Ukraine on three sides is locked and stacked.

The short meeting started with Lavrov whining about inadmissible reactions he’s gotten from NATO unfamiliar priests and accusing the U.S. for managing everything, however at that point he moves to what he calls unmistakable reactions to different matters like moving military activities farther from Russia and laying out support zones for boats and airplane.

The opposite side is showing a readiness to go into genuine arrangements, Lavrov says. I would agree that we can think about additional advancement here, as per an English language record posted by the Kremlin.

Then, at that point, Putin poses Lavrov the key inquiry: Do you suppose we actually get an opportunity of finding some peace with our accomplices on the critical issues of our anxiety, or is this essentially an endeavor to drag us into an unending arranging process with no obvious end result?

I should say that there is dependably an opportunity, Lavrov answers. We are prepared to pay attention to genuine counterarguments. All things considered, I think our chances are a long way from depleted. Obviously, they ought not be perpetual, yet I figure we should in any case proceed to seek after and expand on them now.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is planned to meet with Putin today in the Kremlin, one day after he met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kyiv.

An unavoidable issue for Scholz is the means by which unequivocally he will convey to Putin Germany’s ability to scrap the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline in the event that Russian soldiers enter Ukraine.

Clean Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau is set to meet with Lavrov today too.