December 8, 2022

Longoria Says the Giants Shouldn’t Be Playing the Dodgers in NLCS

The Giants should not be playing the Dodgers in the National League Division Series. The reason for this is that it’s a much better matchup for the Cardinals and all of their fans who want to see them play in another World Series. It would also make more sense if they were playing against the Cubs, as they are both teams from California and therefore have a rivalry between each other.

That is just my personal opinion, but this is a more important question for all of you. What rivalry would you like to see happen in the postseason? This could be because it’s two teams from the same state or city, they have played each other in meaningful games recently, or any other reasons that are specific to your answer. Also, to make it more interesting I will put what teams should replace them in the playoffs to make it a fair matchup. Let’s get started!

The reason the Giants and Dodgers is not a rivalry for me is, it’s not a rivalry if there haven’t been any meaningful games played recently. If you have watched an LA vs Santhat while they have both resided in California, there hasn’t been a meaningful game played between these two teams since 1988. As mentioned before, the Giants and Dodgers haven’t played in a meaningful series since 1988, when Kirk Gibson hit a walk-off home run to send his team to the World Series.

The main reason I would like the Cardinals and Cubs matchup is that it’s two teams from the same state Illinois playing against each other in one of their biggest games of the year. The Cardinals are arguably one of the best teams in baseball, but so are the Cubs. Both teams have star players that could help them win games or lose because of small mistakes they do throughout a game. Let’s look at their main rivals to see what makes this matchup great for everyone involved.

The Cardinal’s biggest challengers are the Cubs, and while the Pirates and Brewers are good teams, they aren’t on the same level as these two. The Cardinals and Cubs also play in different cities where they could be playing for a spot in the World Series if both teams make it that far. This is how I would want to see them match up

Cardinals vs Pirates

The Cardinals are one of the best teams in baseball, but they aren’t as good as the Cubs. The Pirates are a very good team though, and they have gotten better since Andrew McCutchen has returned from his injury earlier this season.