December 8, 2022

Lockdowns Are an Absolute Disaster: What You Should Know

Lockdowns are a disaster for many. They can be frightening, invasive, and downright inconvenient. When they’re lifted, the threat never leaves the air. New Zealand’s recent lockdown was an absolute nightmare- it has been referred to as a living hell by some residents due to how long it lasted and the violence that occurred during this time period. Those who defended it, suggested the lockdown to be a necessary inconvenience.

I’ll start by describing what a lockdown entails. In simple terms, a lockdown is a forced confinement of people within their homes during an extremely dangerous time period where going outside could result in your death or injury. The purpose of this lock down- originally designed for houses and schools- was to ensure the safety of everyone.

From this point on, I’ll be making my argument on why lockdowns are necessary for some communities but not all. I will also provide solutions that can benefit us all. For now, let me first address some ideas found in common thought about these types of situations.

Some say that if you make it out alive, nothing else matters. This completely neglects the psychological effects of lockdown- imagine having to endure days upon days of not knowing if your loved ones are safe or will even survive the situation. Imagine not being able to go outside for any reason whatsoever for at least three weeks.

Others say that doing these lockdowns is not worth it. What value can possibly be achieved with taking away freedoms of many people? For example, if you feel that way about gun control policies, is your life really worth the freedom of others to bear arms?

My goal here isn’t to say that one person’s life or death is more important than another group of people’s. What I’m saying is, there are some places where the lockdown is necessary to ensure the safety of all people.

For example, airports and shopping malls might ban people from leaving during a lockdown due to the potential of terrorist attacks or robberies in broad daylight. A school could also be at risk of similar threats- what if someone walked into a middle school and started shooting? What if a terrorist decided to blow up the school bus outside of the school building? Lockdowns in schools can prevent further damage from occurring.

However, these cases are special because they aren’t random acts of violence. In fact, both instances I mentioned could be prevented with proper security measures such as metal detectors and security guards.

Lockdowns are also not necessary in some cases, such as lower crime areas outside of the home. I feel that it’s unnecessary to completely imprison all people because this prevents everyone from living normally- it prevents businesses from operating, doctors from seeing patients, etc. And again, no one should be worth more than another.

Now let’s talk about gun control. If we’re going to implement stricter gun control in schools and airports, then we need to make sure that the people who would be affected by these changes are aware of it beforehand. For example, New Zealand took steps to tell its citizens about what they were planning to do before implementing the measures themselves.