December 10, 2022
Lipstick or Lip Liner

Lipstick or Lip Liner

Lipstick or Lip Liner – When, Which?

Dressed up very nicely but did not wear a little lipstick, will it look beautiful? The life of a woman’s outfit is lipstick.

It increases the beauty several times.

But a few mistakes while using lipstick can ruin the whole look.

That’s why you need to know the correct rules of using lipstick.

Then there will be no fear of spoiling the outfit. Let’s find out-

Moisturizer before matte lipstick

The trend of wearing matte lipsticks has increased a lot now.

It does not spread easily and there is no fear of contamination.

But wearing a matte lipstick makes the lips slightly dry.

So use a light moisturizer before wearing matte lipstick on your lips.

It will make the lips very soft and beautiful. Lipstick will also look good.

If the lips are black

Lipstick or Lip Liner

  • Not everyone has pink lips. In many cases, the lip color may turn dark due to dead skin and pigmentation.
  • If the lips are dark, the color of the lipstick does not bloom properly.
  • In this case, before applying lipstick, apply a little concealer and foundation base on the lips.
  • Then apply your favorite lipstick. Apply lipstick with a brush instead of directly.

Use of lip liner

Many people don’t use lip liner anymore. Meanwhile, if you want to wear lipstick perfectly, you have to use lip liner.

Before wearing lipstick, draw the lip border line well with lip liner.

Then apply lipstick. Make sure that the shade of the lip liner and the shade of the lipstick are matching.

Wipe off excess lipstick

Many times, while applying lipstick, excess lipstick can be applied to the lips.

Then it doesn’t look good anymore.

In this case, excess lipstick should be removed. For that you can use tissue paper.

Remove the lipstick by gently pressing the tissue paper on the lips.