December 8, 2022

Keep The Republicans Away: the Legacy of Donald Trump

Since the election of Donald Trump to office, there has been a resurgence in Republican power. In 2020, the fate of this country lies with Joe Biden. The former Vice President will have to defeat not only his opponents but also a new pandemic that threatens humanity as we know it if he wants to keep Republicans out of power for good.

The most recent census has given us the preliminary numbers on the spread of this new virus, which seems to have emerged out of nowhere. The disease is said to be so powerful that only one in five humans are immune to it. While its symptoms are not always fatal, if left untreated or untouched they can lead to death within 24 hours due to various organ failures.

The virus was first identified in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. It then spread to Nigeria before reaching the United States via Mexico through what remains unknown. Since it’s arrival, an estimated 53 million Americans have been infected. This information has yet to be verified but seems accurate according to our best estimates given the current situation on the ground.

The fact that the virus has spread so quickly and easily means that there is no room for error when it comes to finding a cure or vaccine. The US government has been working around the clock with its teams at the CDC as well as doctors from all over the country, but so far this pandemic seems unstoppable. What we do know is that the virus has not mutated in any way and isn’t airborne, which means that it can be transmitted only through contact with infected bodily fluids such as saliva or semen. It’s also been proven to affect women just as much as men—and when both genders are combined it makes up nearly 80% of the US population.

-hallucinations and paranoia, which seems to be more common in cases of prolonged exposure to the virus. Exacerbated by extreme heat and humidity, resulting in an increased desire to seek shelter somewhere

safe from the elements. These hallucinations seem to be a coping mechanism for victims of the virus, allowing them to temporarily escape their own reality until they eventually pass away.

-extreme diarrhea and vomiting, which also results in dehydration. This is one of the main causes of death among patients suffering from this virus—as it quickly leads to shock or organ failure. There is also evidence that it may affect pregnant women more than others, as they die shortly after giving birth due to the virus attacking their baby and placenta

-severe itching and rashes all over the body as well as severely discolored skin rtes. Kind of like a really bad sunburn that never subsides. This is one of the few symptoms that are relatively harmless to most patients, although it can be extremely uncomfortable if left untreated.

-tremors and seizures caused by severe dehydration. If left untreated, these tremors usually become so bad they lead to complete muscle failure or organ collapse within 24 hours because electrolytes are severely out of balance due to the virus speeding up all metabolic functions.