March 29, 2023

Kate Upton dumps Justin Verlander MLB star pays the price

Justin Verlander, the ace pitcher for the Detroit Tigers, has been dumped by Kate Upton. The bombshell model reportedly found out about his relationship with Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and actress Emily Ratajkowski via Instagram an app that she checks daily. It’s not clear why Upton would be so upset about this news since she was previously engaged to Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Zack Greinke and had a three-month engagement to Detroit Tigers shortstop Jhonny Peralta before breaking up with him in 2013.

The 25-year old supermodel has decided to focus on her career and is not interested in a relationship for now. She wants to become a billionaire by the age of 40 and doesn’t think a boyfriend will help her reach that goal. I care about my career more than having a wedding or being married or having kids right now, she said. I don’t think I would put that on the level of a career. Peralta isn’t too happy about Upton moving on so quickly, he said She hurt me, but I’m fine. Getting over her is never going to be an issue for me, and after she broke up with me, other women showed interest in me.

In a recent interview, Ratajkowski revealed that she was a huge fan of Upton’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and said I’m a very big fan of hers, I think she has an amazing body, and I love the way she uses it to empower other women. She seems like such a lovely person who is right for Justin.

Justin Verlander, 31, has been dating Kate Upton since early 2011 and she moved into his $4 million home in Beverly Hills last year. They have been spotted out on the town several times throughout the past few months but it seems that she is not interested in a relationship at this time in her life.

Former Detroit Tigers pitcher David Wells confirmed the news saying, Kate Upton has moved on and is dating someone else. She’s not interested in Justin anymore.

Wells said he did not want to name the new guy but does know him personally and added that it wasn’t someone who was famous or a player on his team.

The Detroit Tigers are currently in first place in the AL Central division and will take on the Los Angeles Angels this Saturday at Comerica Park. Justin Verlander is expected to get the start for Detroit.

Kate Upton is currently in New York City for fashion week and was spotted attending the Michael Kors Spring 2015 show earlier today.

This news comes just one day after Us Weekly reported about actress Margot Robbie revealing she has sex dreams about Verlander.