December 9, 2022

Jaguars No Quit Yet Just a Lot of Mistakes

The Jacksonville Jaguars are in London this week to take on the reigning Super Bowl champions, the New England Patriots. The Jags have been struggling all season long but haven’t quit yet. There’s no quit in them, said coach Doug Marrone after their loss against the Houston Texans last week. I don’t think there ever has been. Despite being 2-3 and having a lot of mistakes, these Jags are not giving up yet!

I think the Jaguars are playing their best football right now. The team has overcome a lot of obstacles this year and have seemed to bond together even more through it all. They’ve had injuries, too many turnovers, bad calls by officials, criticism from ex-players and coaches, but they haven’t lost sight of what they’re working for. They’re still fighting and giving it their all each and every Sunday. The fans, especially those in London, need to recognize the amount of heart this team has!

Bortles has thrown for 1,301 yards and 10 touchdowns so far this season. He’s done a great job at getting the ball to his receivers; we just need to protect him better in order for this to translate into a win when needed. He’s the man under center and we’re going nowhere without our leader!

The Jaguars’ defense has been stellar since last week, holding both the Texans and Ravens to only one touchdown each. They’ve been able to force turnovers by catching tipped balls for interceptions and have been able to stop the rush against some of the most dominant running backs in the NFL right now. I believe they can keep this performance up and lead us to safety by taking down Tom Brady and company!

What do you think? Will we pull off a win over New England? Can we continue our defense’s momentum and defeat them? Or will our offense get back on track? Comment below with your thoughts!

This was a live post, written in real time check out the comments section below for thoughts shared by the fans following the game!

The Jaguars will head down to Houston today to face off against one of their division rivals, the Texans. The Jags suffered a big loss last week against the Patriots, but they’re looking to bounce back and protect their territory going into Sunday’s game.

The Jags have been able to keep some games close this season, even with all of our mistakes. We almost had a win against Green Bay and we outplayed New England for most of the game. I think if we can continue to stay close and hopefully turn those mistakes around, it could be our time to shine!

Our defense has been able to create turnovers this year by catching tipped balls for interceptions, or just being able to hit the ball carrier hard enough that they lose control of the ball. We need them to step up for us even more this week if we’re going to get past the Texans!

There’s no doubt that Fournette is an amazing running back. He’s already shown how tough he can be on the field by bulldozing through would-be tacklers, but I think it’s about time for him to work on his speed and agility a bit. He’s had a few long runs so far, but he needs to work on making them more consistent.

If the Jags can step up their game this week against Houston and keep it close like they have in the past, we could make some real noise and show Texans fans what we’re made of. We know our defense is great we just need to keep them at that level. Plus, if Bortles can just protect the ball and limit his turnovers, we could find ourselves with our first win of the season!

What do you think? Can we defeat the Texans this week? Will it be another close game like before? Comment below with your thoughts!

This was a live post, written in real time check out the comments section below for thoughts shared by the fans following the game!

The Jaguars will head to their second road game of the season this week when they face off against the Titans. The Jags have been able to stay close when playing away from home so far and we hope that trend continues this week!

The Jaguars have struggled when it comes to dealing with the run so far this season. Even though our defense has been able to intercept some passes, they need to step up even more if we’re going to keep teams from making big plays in the backfield.