December 8, 2022
Iran was shaken by a pair of earthquakes

Iran was shaken by a pair of earthquakes

Iran was shaken by a pair of earthquakes

At least five people have killed in two separate earthquakes in Iran’s southern coastal province of Hormozgan. Many injured.

The Guardian quoted Iranian state television as saying.

“Our rescue operation is underway,” Mehrdad Hasanzadeh, head of the Hormuzgan provincial branch of the country’s central disaster management department,

told the country’s state-run television channel. So far,

5 bodies and 12 injured people have  rescued from the rubble in different areas and admitted to the hospital.

“Houses have collapsed in many areas,” he said. We are providing tents in those areas. ‘

The first quake struck at 1:32 pm local time on Friday (July 1),

the European Mediterranean Seismological Center said in a statement.

The epicenter  reported at 10 km below the surface near the port city of Khamir in Hormozgan province.

The next quake struck about two hours later at 3:24 pm in the village of Sayeh Khosh in Hormozgan province.

In addition, in the two hours between the first and second earthquakes, there were several earthquakes of 4 magnitude.

  • “Those who have suffered casualties are all victims of the first quake,”
  • Fouad Morazadeh, governor of the province’s port of Lengeh, told Iran’s state news agency IRNA.
  • No one  killed or injured in the second quake, as most people fled their homes after the first.
  • Due to its location on some of the major fault lines of the underground tectonic plate,
  • small or medium-sized earthquakes occur almost regularly in Iran.

However, the country has also seen several deadly earthquakes in the last few decades.

The epicenter  under ground, however; there no tsunami alert issued.🔱