March 25, 2023
Syed Manjurul Islam

Syed Manjurul Islam

I would prefer not to recognize the opposite thought, yet every side of thought spreads light: Syed Manjurul Islam

Mohammad Azam, Syed Manjurul Islam and Sumon Rahman in the discussion program. Bengal Shilpalaya in Dhanmondi on Saturday night Photo: Accumulated
“We would prefer not to recognize limiting viewpoints. Regardless, accepted is a ceaseless thing. Like a floating coin it has many sides, not two, comparable as a gem. Light rises up out of all of its backs. Fiction writer Syed Manjurul Islam said these words in a discussion program on the book ‘Social Legislative issues and Bangladesh’.

Syed Manjurul Islam
Syed Manjurul Islam

On Saturday night, ‘Granth Alapan’ was composed at Bengal Shilpalaya, Dhanmondi, to inspect and research books. In this new event of Jnanataps Abdur Razzak Foundation, the author conveyed his book to meet the perusers and discussants. In the underlying fragment, there was a discussion about the piece book ‘Social Regulative issues and Bangladesh’ by Mohammad Azam, a teacher of Bengali Division of Dhaka School.

As to book, Mohammad Azam said, the arrangement of this book can be pondered on the occasion of the study of ‘Bangladesh Udyapan’. He said about the country’s academic culture, Bangladesh has lost its trade. Along these lines, the trading of power inside the choice class isn’t continuing regularly. Social colonization has occurred in Bangladesh. Contemplations conveyed in Calcutta are recognized without judgment in Dhaka. Again, the insightful significance that was achieved in Calcutta in one and a half to 200 years, didn’t happen in Dhaka. At present Bangladesh state is socially isolated.

Sumon Rahman, an educator of media studies and news-projecting division of School of Human Sciences (ULAB) minded the book as a discussant. He said, ‘Socially or intellectually, we haphazardly recognize the groupings made by the West. Without a doubt, even development, secularism classes have been recognized from Calcutta without study.

Fiction writer Syed Manjurul Islam, head of the program, said, “There is no tutoring in examination in our tutoring framework. However, if this preparation and the custom of raising issues were made, the overall population would have pushed ahead. Syed Manjurul Islam considered Mohammad Azam a colossal academic of this time considering his consistent undertakings to work up the universe of thought, and said, “I believe that these undertakings of Mohammad Azam will one day unveil various driving forces in the general, who will change the overall population.” Will add to push ahead.’

Ahrar Ahmed, Boss General of the Foundation gave a welcome talk on the occasion. He said, Jnanataps Abdur Razzak Foundation orchestrates different insightful activities to help nearby writers and scholarly individuals. The new game-plan will give various catalysts to responsive, liberal and question-based thinking and backing insightful and objective discussion organized points of view.

Young creators, students and researchers were accessible on the occasion. The group presented various requests associated with the book and its subject. The creator and discussant tended to their requests.