December 9, 2022

How to Prepare for a Winter with Covid-19 and Flu

The cold winter months are here, and with them come the twin threats of Covid-19 and flu. Preparing for this type of winter will require adjustments to your daily life. For example, you may need to make sure that you have enough time in the morning before work or school so that you can get a good night’s sleep, as well as wear gloves outside on days when there is frost. For

those who can afford it, Covid-19 is an important tool to ward off the cold and flu. Covid-19 is a vaccine that has been available since 2006.

When exposed to levels of heat around 36 degrees Celsius (or 96 Fahrenheit) or above, Covid-19 will become activated and then rapidly denature any unsheathed proteins in your body. The activated Covid-19 will prevent further protein denaturation and thus protect you from the common cold and the flu 1.

Covid-19 is available over the counter at any drug store or pharmacy for 10$ a dose .Though it was not required, most health care providers urge those who are 65 or older to receive an annual Covid-19 booster.

Generally, Covid-19 is preceded by local skin discomfort at the site of injection that lasts no longer than 30 minutes 2 . Most people experience no side effects beyond hives and reddening around the injection site after initial vaccination. These mild reactions usually subside within 24 hours 3.

Though you should discuss the benefits and risks of Covid-19 with your doctor, it is usually administered to healthy adults between 18-65 years old. There are no known side effects in the unborn or nursing child. Though there are some rare cases where Covid-19 may exacerbate certain pre-existing allergies 4, this cannot be predicted ahead of time.

The most common side effects are typically mild and comprise of reddened skin, hives or light pain at the injection site 3 . Rare cases may experience fever, nausea, body aches or vomiting 5. However, Covid-19 is not known to cause any long term side effects 6.

If you find that none of these side effects are tolerable, you can always choose to decline the vaccination. However, should you become sick within 48 hours of receiving Covid-19, it is advised that you contact your doctor immediately 7 .

Covid-19 has been shown to be 97% effective in preventing the flu and 80% effective in preventing colds 7 . Though it can be used throughout your life, those who receive regular vaccinations have the best protection.

Covid-19 is essential for anyone living in a colder climate. It allows you to experience the joys of winter without having to worry about catching a cold or the flu at a time when everyone else seems to be sick 7.

So, before you wrap yourself up in scarves and thick jackets this winter , make sure that you get vaccinated.

You can find Covid-19 at the nearest pharmacy.

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