December 8, 2022
Hollywood star Angelina Jolie gave her opinion on marriage

Hollywood star Angelina Jolie gave her opinion on marriage

Hollywood star Angelina Jolie gave her opinion on marriage

Hollywood star Angelina Jolie has learned from personal experience that ‘love’ is not enough for two people to live under one roof for the rest of their lives.

And so, while talking about women’s freedom in an event organized by ‘Hollywood Reporter’, the topic of marriage also came up.

  • After saying ‘I do’ three times, Oscar winner Jolie has finally realized that marriage is not necessary for life. The important thing is to be at ease, to be comfortable in the ring of your freedom.
  • Regarding marriage, Jolie said, marriage can be the biggest wrong decision in life. May be the happiest event in life. So one should be careful in deciding to marry.
  • In one part of the long speech, Jolie said, “It is important to discuss some things before getting married.” The list of those things is not short.

If you don’t agree on those things, you will see after some time, just love is not enough; Along with this, many other things are important.

Jolie has given an addition to that list. He said, ‘Where will you stay after marriage? Who will pay the various expenses of the house? When do you want to have children?

How do you want to raise him or them? If the two are of different religions, what will be the religion of the child? What is the expectation from one another? Both have a past.

Both have childhood trauma. Both have political ideologies. Family health news (arthritis, cancer, diabetes, etc.), family mental health history, bucket list, career,

even how much you share personal and family information on social media. Don’t get married just because of family pressure.

Just say “yes” to your partner when your mind prompts you for marriage. There is no end to the complications of life. Don’t overcomplicate things. Especially like me. Learn from me.’

Angelina Jolie married actor Johnny Lee Miller in 1996. It was his first marriage, which lasted until 2000.

After that, it did not take even a year to make the second ‘mistake’. Billie married Bob Thornton in 2000. That marriage lasted even less time. It was broken in 2003.

After that he decided not to marry again. Loved Brad Pitt for 10 years. Jolie got married to Brad Pitt in 2014 under the pressure of her last children.

But it also broke in 2016. Now Jolie ‘single’, mother of six children and human rights activist! Yes, he is comfortable with all three adjectives to introduce himself.🔱