November 18, 2022

Google chiefs tell representatives it can vie for Pentagon contracts without disregarding its standards.

We see an email among Grossman and his accomplice James — no notice of gatherings — where Grossman says the valuation and terms are clearly difficult to swallow. In any case, his call with Channing Robertson was awesome and provided him with a great deal of certainty.

Post break, Wade is getting some information about his discussions with Channing Robertson. Grossman’s dad in-law, David Brady, knew Robertson, was a legislative issues teacher at Stanford and was engaged with Hoover Institution. Brady additionally put resources into Theranos.

We have invested … a ton of energy going through each careful detail of Grossman’s ingenuity. It is a ton, and I’m not 100% sure what impact this is intended to have on the jury.

The email likewise noticed that Theranos’ projections are somewhat forceful yet with amazing execution are possible and can be surpassed. Highlight show that Grossman knew the dangers of support Theranos.

More interior PFM messages! This one is about a medical care meeting where PFM’s tech master wanted to vet Theranos’ tech with others in the business without disregarding NDA. Likewise says he believes Theranos’ innovation is generally excellent and has IP and rivalry concerns.

Spear Wade is interrogating Grossman concerning a specific archive that isn’t in proof and Grossman is declining to recognize that it revives his memory since he accepts Wade’s inquiries are deceiving.

Grossman and jury are excused for the afternoon and its time for our standard attorney visit. Downey needs to discuss an issue in camera and the adjudicator is delicately ribbing Wade for how long his cross-test is going. Back tomorrow!

Swim hits Grossman over the way that he put resources into Theranos even after the wouldn’t allow him to converse with Walgreens or United in industriousness. Grossman says that constrained his firm to depend on data from Theranos.

We presently see a PFM email summing up the Theranos conversation during a Walgreens profit call. Point being that PFM considered other data past what Holmes said to settle on the speculation.

Spear Wade is up for cross-test. Dissimilar to with past financial backers, who Wade endeavored to ruin by condemning their absence of determination, the procedure here is by all accounts developing how much ingenuity Grossman’s firm did.

We see inward Theranos messages talking about Grossman’s outcomes. He is a VIP and they push to get his outcomes out rapidly. The outcomes seem, by all accounts, to be run on an outsider machine, which Balwani never filled him in about.

I accept Grossman is the main financial backer we’ve heard from who went to a Walgreens to get his blood tried all alone. Subsequently he asked Balwani for what good reason he needed to have a venous draw and why it required over 4 hours.

Grossman addressed Channing Robertson twice. Robertson said Theranos had no specialized danger and that its innovation inside the MiniLab was sound.

Grossman likewise needed to converse with United Healthcare, which had an agreement with Theranos. Like Walgreens, Balwani said no. It will look gravely on us, in case financial backers are requesting to address somebody at the organization.

Grossman requested to converse with Walgreens and Sunny Balwani let him know he was truly awkward with that. He told Grossman it would be a weird discussion, they have an incredible relationship, it wouldn’t look great. He had a progression of reactions thusly.

Grossman said he saw different various variants of the Theranos blood testing machines at their assembling office in Newark, at their CLIA lab in Palo Alto and in the anteroom of their California St. office.

Grossman had three experts chipping away at the arrangement and says “there’s a ton of scientific work” that goes into his company’s demonstrating. This gives off an impression of being the most perseverance that any Theranos financial backer has done as such far…

Grossman goes into an extremely long and itemized story of the cases Holmes made to him about Theranos’ innovation and business. She told him the standard thing: Theranos was more dependable than Labcorp/Quest and they worked with pharma organizations and on medevacs on the war zone.