November 19, 2022

Gigi and Yolanda’s Strained Friendship: Criminal Charges

Gigi and Yolanda’s friendship has been strained for years. The two have been at odds since the beginning of their careers, but now that they’re both in the spotlight it seems like there is no end in sight to this feud. This past week Gigi filed a restraining order against her former friend when she felt threatened by Yolanda’s behavior during an event in LA. Now, following up with TMZ report from earlier today, we find out that Yolanda plead no contest to charges of harassment and stalking! We’ll keep you updated on this story as more information becomes available…

Sources close to Gigi Hadid have revealed that the model is being threatened with a lawsuit by her former friend, Yolanda Foster. According to TMZ, the reality star has filed legal documents with the judge in their current case stating that, “Hadid is now trying to block our client from having an order of protection against her because she’s threatening to sue her for a million dollars.” Yolanda reportedly has witnesses who can prove that Gigi is lying about the incident which she claims led to the restraining order.

It was revealed last week that Yolanda had plead no contest to charges of harassment and stalking. If it is found out that Gigi lied in her testimony, there may be potential perjury charges as well.

“She is not out to ruin her but is only looking for justice,” Yolanda’s lawyer wrote in the legal documents filed Monday.

Meanwhile, sources close to Gigi revealed that, “Yolanda never showed up at the event in the first place, so Gigi is also in disbelief about her allegations.”

Earlier today it was confirmed that Yolanda’s ex-husband, David Foster, has decided to stop all communication with his former wife. He reportedly told her “as of now you are not my friend or my enemy… I will no longer go back and forth with you.”

According to Yolanda’s social media accounts, she is now “all alone” and has no one to turn to. She has made it very clear that she feels abandoned by her friends and peers after David, Lisa Vanderpump, Eileen Davidson, Kyle Richards and more stopped communicating with her upon discovering that she had full-blown Lyme Disease. Yolanda, however, is convinced that she was actually poisoned by her now ex-husband for 15 years.

“I have no idea why he is still sticking to his story of me being mentally unstable,” she wrote on Instagram after the statement came out. “He decided to take up with an old , dear, dear friend from his past and try to destroy me. I just wouldn’t do that to a friend , it’s childish what he is doing.”

“No matter how hard you try to smear someone with lies it will never work, the truth always comes out in the end,” she concluded her rant.

Is Yolanda willing to let go of her lies? Did she ever have Lyme Disease? Will the two former friends come to an agreement over this lawsuit?

Stay tuned for more updates on this story! What do YOU think is going to happen next in this war between Yolanda and Gigi? Let us know in the comment section below!

As you might remember, earlier this year Lisa Rinna accused Yolanda of having an affair with her husband, Harry Hamlin. The allegation was based on the fact that the two were spotted together at a hotel in Beverly Hills during one of their children’ soccer game.