December 9, 2022

Gabby Petito, Fiancé Disappear After Road Trip

Gabby Petito and her fiancé, Mike Gaddis, were on a road trip back to their home in Kansas City when they disappeared. Their car was found abandoned in the parking lot of the Quik Mart at I-70 Exit 518 near Columbia, Missouri.

Police are currently looking through surveillance footage from gas stations and convenience stores along with reviewing hours of traffic camera footage for any sign of Gabby or Mike.

“We don’t know if they got lost somewhere between here an there,” said FBI agent John Smithson. “Maybe somebody kidnapped them.

Gabby Petito is a pretty 21 year old, but her beauty could not save her from the “Honeymoon from Hell”–a package tour to Cancun Mexico.

As she was about to make it back to Kansas City, the young woman vanishes along with her fiancé Mike Gaddis.

FBI agent John Smithson said, “We don’t know what happened. The car was found four days ago abandoned near a highway. There were no signs of a struggle.

Smithson has been looking though surveillance tapes from convenience stores and gas stations leading up to the disappearance. He also spoke with other passengers on the tour bus that Gabby Petito was on.“She got off the bus in one piece,” Smithson said. “We are exploring every possibility, including abduction.

Gabby Petito was last heard from when she called her mother around 3 p.m. Monday afternoon to tell her that everything was fine and they were about to eat dinner at a restaurant near their hotel. Ruth Petito said her daughter was having a wonderful time in Cancun, but was missing friends and family back in the US.

“She wanted to make new friends,” Ruth Petito said, “And she told me it was really safe there. When asked if Gabby had any enemies back in Kansas City who would want to abduct her, Ruth Petito said she did not think so.
“She’s just a normal girl,” Mrs. Petito stated. “People love her.

Gabby Petito is 5’5”, 105 pounds with long, blond hair and green eyes. She was last seen wearing a pink and white tube top with denim shorts and pink sandals. If you have any information on the whereabouts of Gabby or Mike Gaddis, please contact your local FBI office or call 1-866-THE LOST.