March 24, 2023

Fruit or water before bed at night?

Fruit is one of the best combinations of taste and health. But can fruit be eaten at any time? Many people have questions about whether they should eat fruit or not, especially before going to bed at night.

But nutritionists say that eating fruit before going to bed at night can cause several complications.

Increased blood sugar levels

Many fruits are high in sugar and eating these fruits before going to bed increases the risk of blood sugar spikes.

Especially for those who are suffering from high blood sugar problem, eating fruit at night is more dangerous.

Therefore, it is better to avoid eating certain fruits just before going to bed.

Depletion of other nutrients

Eating fruit at dinner fills the stomach quickly. As a result, many skip essential vegetables and other foods like protein.

This problem is especially common in those who are trying to diet. But experts say that people always need a balanced diet.

So eating fruit and avoiding other complementary foods can be counterproductive.

sleep disturbance

Many types of fruits help to energize the body quickly. As a result, it can become quite a problem for people suffering from insomnia.

Also, many people experience gas problems after eating the fruit. Gas problems can be managed during the day, but it disturbs sleep at night.

But remember that not everyone’s body is equal. So any particular diet may not be right for everyone.

So, if you have any questions about what to eat, when to eat, consult an expert.🔱