December 9, 2022

Family of Gabby Petito Demands Answers

The family of Gabby Petito, the missing woman from Ohio, has said that her fiancé’s parents know what happened to her and want answers now. Family members say they were told by friends of the couple that Gabby went to visit them in Florida and never came back. They say they have called his parents but no one will answer their phone calls so far. Police are still investigating the disappearance and haven’t given any updates on her case yet.

The family of Ms. Petito says they haven’t seen her in over a month and that she was in Florida at the time of her disappearance. Her fiancé, Timothy Hamlin is still wanted for questioning and the police haven’t released any further information. The last time anyone saw Ms. Petito was when she then again I don[, but… me]

I stare at the computer screen and wonder if I should shut it down or keep reading. The article goes on to talk about the history of her and Timothy together and how he won’t answer any questions himself. There’s not much else that interests me, but as I stand up and shut the laptop I can’t help but wonder what happened to Gabby. Is she still alive? Or is her body hidden somewhere in those Florida swamps?

I remember reading one of Timothy’s books about a girl who disappeared. He never said it was fiction, but after this maybe I should have listened more closely.

I’m not sure what to do with myself now. Turn off the TV and try to go back to sleep? I just don’t think that’s an option for me anymore, so after flipping through a handful of channels I decide on making some coffee instead. God knows I need it after tonight; my head is feeling like it’s full of noodles, just barely holding itself together.

My phone starts to ring and I realize with a start that it’s Jessica calling me. I pick up the phone and put it to my ear quickly, trying not to sound too frantic when I answer with an apology for being so late in getting back to her.

“Yeah, don’t worry about it.” She says, sounding tired. “I wasn’t calling to check up on you anyways; I’m still at work. We can talk later tonight.”

“Everything okay?” I ask cautiously, because the way she sounded over the phone had something off about it. It’s like she was nervous or anxious about something and trying not to let it get to her.

“Yeah, I just… Well, I wanted to know how your face is.” She says and then seems to hesitate for a moment before continuing. “I mean, I’ve been worried about you for the past couple of days and I don’t want anything else getting in the way of that.”

“Well, other than the bruise on my cheek nothing else serious has happened.” I respond, wondering what she’s getting at. “I think it’ll be fine by Friday when I see you again. Is that okay?”

“That sounds good.” She says with a sigh and then asks if we’re still on for dinner Friday night before hanging up. I stare at the phone for a moment before hanging up myself and wondering what’s gotten into her.

The rest of my night is spent dozing on and off, never really falling asleep but never staying awake once I closed my eyes either. Every time it would seem like sleep was about to come over me I would find myself staring wide-eyed at the ceiling, listening out for anything that might set off another anxiety attack.

It didn’t help matters much when I turned my phone on to see that it had become eleven o’clock and Jessica hadn’t called back or sent me any messages. I was almost certain that something had happened to her, but I couldn’t figure out