November 18, 2022

Facebook’s Corporate Rebrand: The Israeli Perspective

Facebook’s latest corporate rebrand has been met with mixed reviews, but one group in particular has a lot to say about the new logo: Israelis. Known for its creativity and innovation, this country is home to some of the most fearsome tech companies in the world. Israeli Facebook users were quick to mock Mark Zuckerberg’s decision on social media, posting pictures of their own logos and making jokes about how it would be translated into Hebrew.

The Hebrew logo for Facebook is a wordplay on the letter f which also looks like a q. In order to produce it, you combine two Hebrew letters: a ף‎ and ן‎. And as Israeli comedian Eylon Levy points out in this video, Mark Zuckerberg’s logo is very similar.

In addition to Facebook, Israel is home to some major technology players such as Intel and Google. But it’s also the birthplace of many household names like Checkpoint , Palo Alto Networks and Mobileye.

One of the biggest tech stories to come out of Israel in recent years is Waze, which Google acquired for $1.15 bn back in 2013.

The people behind the Waze logo are Omer Shoor and Itai Zlotnik . Their studio is called Logopress and it has designed logos for hundreds of companies all over the world. Now however, they’re better known for creating the Hebrew version of Facebook’s logo.

The original concept for the logo was created by Joe Sirosh , who is also an Israeli citizen and formerly worked at Microsoft. But when he saw the final result, he wasn’t so pleased. I feel like this was done in about ten minutes, he said in a Facebook post

In an attempt to come up with a better logo, Omer Shoor and Itai Zlotnik asked their friend Eylon Levy to help them. I saw the wordplay on f/q, says Levy, and I knew that if you put the two Hebrew letters side by side, they look like the F and the Q. So I thought that we could use this concept of combining letters to create a wordplay on Facebook.

The two Israelis explain how they came up with the idea for their logo in this clip from a documentary called The Startup.

In order to create the Hebrew version of Facebook, Omer Shoor and Itai Zlotnik borrowed ideas from other logos created by Logopress. We have a library of several hundred icons that we’ve designed over the years, says Itai. We tried to find an icon that had a play on letters like this one had.

Itai and Omer eventually decided to use the letter F, but rather than using it by itself, they drew two of them together. Then they wrote Facebook in English underneath. When you write FB with three letters, it takes up too much space, says Omer. The logo is small and needs to be displayed on all kinds of media. That’s why we chose the abbreviation.