November 19, 2022

Joe Kikuchi of Pacific Gas and Electric moved to cars to safety as a house in Marina Estates above Lake Mendocino on the Hopkins fire burns, Sunday, Sept. 12, 2021 near Calpella. (Kent Porter / The Press Democrat) 2021

Ex-educator accused of beginning four California rapidly spreading fires

A previous school educator was arraigned by a government amazing jury Thursday for supposedly beginning four out of control fires in Northern California recently that took steps to trap firemen as they fought an enormous fire close by, administrative investigators said.

Gary Stephen Maynard, 47, faces as long as 20 years in jail and a $250,000 fine for each count of pyro-crime to government property, the U.S. Lawyer’s Office for the Eastern District of California said in an assertion.

As indicated by court archives, Maynard’s supposed pyro-crime binge included bursts he began in July and August behind teams battling the Dixie Fire, which turned into the second greatest fierce blaze in California history, singing in excess of 1,500 square miles and annihilating in excess of 1,000 designs.

Government investigators say Maynard, an inhabitant of San Jose, set four blasts: the Cascade and Everitt fires, on July 20 and 21, and the Ranch and Conard Fires on Aug. 7.

U.S. Timberland Service specialists began examining Maynard on July 20 after the Cascade Fire was accounted for on the western inclines of Mount Shasta.

A specialist found Maynard under his dark Kia Soul that had its front wheels trapped in a trench and its underside focused on a stone, court papers said.

A subsequent fire ejected the following day on Mount Shasta, and examiners later observed tire tracks like those made by the Kia.

They in the end set a GPS beacon under Maynard’s vehicle after he was halted momentarily by police on Aug. 3. Following his developments for many miles, examiners said Maynard headed out to the space where the Ranch and Conard Fires ejected in the Lassen National Forest.

It gave the idea that Maynard was amidst a fire related crime setting binge, court papers said.

Maynard has denied setting the flames, court papers say. It wasn’t promptly known whether he has a lawyer who can talk for his benefit.

Maynard seems to have educated momentarily at Santa Clara University and Sonoma State University, where a Gary Maynard was recorded as an instructor in criminal equity studies having some expertise in criminal equity, cliques and freak conduct. He is no longer with one or the other school.