December 9, 2022
European club football is starting at the beginning of the World Cup Damama year

European club football is starting at the beginning of the World Cup Damama year

European club football is starting at the beginning of the World Cup Damama year

The bell has rung for the tide of happiness flowing in the hearts of the supporters of the last few months. The season of watching football fans stay awake at night is starting.

The clubs are ready to come down hard to get the fans in the thrill and frenzy. The most popular international club football tournament is the English Premier League.

This is the 31st season since the Premier League was named. And all in all, the 124th season of EPL.

Qatar World Cup football is starting from 21 November. There will be a long pause in the middle to storm the chest of the desert. The schedule of this season has been arranged accordingly.

Being the year of the World Cup, footballers will also want to grab the attention of their country’s federation and coach by giving everything in the league to get a place in the team.

The last match of EPL will be from 12 to 13 November due to World Cup in Qatar. After the World Cup, the league will start from December 26.

In this league of 20 teams, there are 17 teams from last season. Three clubs are newly promoted from the Championship. Fulham, Bournemouth and Nottingham Forest are back after a long time.

Burnley, Watford and Norwich City suffered relegation at the end of last season.

Liverpool can have an equal fight with the two-time champion Manchester City this season as well. In the past few seasons, the rivalry between the two clubs has given a different dimension to the EPL.

Manchester United, who have gone through bitterness over Ronaldo, are also hoping for a fresh start under new coach Erik ten Haag. The Red Devils could not finish in the top four last season. Now United wants to overcome that injury.

This season of Premier League will start with the match between Crystal Palace and Arsenal. On the opening day of the EPL, the biggest competition for French clubs, Ligue 1, will begin. 20 clubs will participate.

Ready Messi, Neymar and Mbappe PSG. Mbappe has remained at PSG this season after various dramas. However, Neymar is not very good. Still say the same.

Christophe Gaultier wants to give success to PSG with this treble. Ligue 1 will see León and Azachio face off on the first day.

The 60th season of the German league Bundesliga will start on the same day. Reigning champions Bayern Munich and Eintracht Frankfurt will take the field on the opening day.

Clubs will have to release footballers by November 14 due to the World Cup in the desert. After a ten-week break, the league will resume on January 20, 2023. There are now 18 teams in the Bundesliga.🔱