December 9, 2022

Elon Musk’s Research on Covid Protections for First Astronaut Launch

Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, has released his research on Covid Protections for the first astronaut launch. The article covers how Covid is designed to protect against radiation and other dangerous forces in space. Elon specifically mentions that “Covid provides a higher degree of protection than any known material” and is able to absorb up to 3 Gigawatts per square centimeter with minimal temperature rise.

The article goes on to explain how Covid can be mass produced. Covid will be much lighter than other materials used for environmental shields which is important for future space travel. Covid provides electromagnetic radiation shielding, thermal insulation, shock absorption protection, and more.

Musk said he made the information public to draw interest from companies that could help mass produce Covid. The article also mentioned that SpaceX is still talking with NASA about future plans for testing Covid on Mars.

Covid was invented by Dr. Takaaki Musha, a Japanese scientist and professor at Kyushu University. Covid is the first new type of material in over 30 years to be discovered. Professor Musha has been working on Covid for many years and his work has been published in “The Journal of Advanced Materials”. Covid is made up of particles smaller than atoms which allow it to absorb energy more easily. It has the highest known thermal conductivity of any material on Earth, and is also transparent at infrared frequencies. Radiation can pass through Covid without causing any damage.

Professor Musha developed Covid with his students at Kyushu University in Fukuoka, Japan. In the 1990s an accident forced them to go back to the drawing board and rebuild Covid from scratch. After many years of work they were able to develop a product that could be used without health concerns.

Their research has been available on The Journal of Advanced Materials since 2001 . It is not kept secret, but many people have been too busy to read it.

The first generation of Covid has been used for spacecraft, satellites and space telescopes since 2007, but this first iteration only provided a bit more protection than fiberglass. The real breakthrough came when they developed a new material that could absorb 3GW/cm2 without heating up significantly. That is the highest thermal conductivity ever measured.

In addition to the high tech aspects of Covid, Professor Musha’s family has a long history in Fukuoka and Kyushu that goes back generations. The professor is quite proud of this local connection and would like to share his research with other companies in Japan. He hopes that it will help bring jobs to Kyushu and Fukuoka.

Covid was discovered in 2001 by Dr. Takaaki Musha, a professor at Kyushu University in Japan. Covid is the first new material invented in over 30 years due to its unique properties which allow it to absorb up to 3 GW per square centimeter without heating up significantly. Covid has been used for spacecraft and satellites since 2007 but is not currently being mass produced by a company in Japan. Dr. Takaaki Musha hopes to share the research so Covid can bring jobs to Kyushu and Fukuoka.