November 19, 2022

Cop convicted in fatal shooting of mentally ill man

Officer convicted in fatal shooting of mentally ill man. It has been a long and hard-fought year for the family of Kenneth Baker, who was shot and killed by officer William Porter on April 12th, 2015. On Tuesday night, Judge Barry Williams handed down his decision: Officer William Porter will be retried for manslaughter charges related to the death of Mr. Baker

.Officer Porter and two other officers were called to the home of 65-year old Kenneth Baker after a neighbor reported that Baker was acting crazy. Upon arriving at the scene, officers found Mr. Baker sitting on his couch, wielding a knife refusing to drop it despite repeated requests from Officer Porter and another officer on the scene. Officer Porter proceeded to use a taser on Kenneth Baker, who was still holding his knife and would not drop it as instructed by officers. After the taser had no effect, Mr. Baker began to walk towards Officer Porter with the knife in hand. Fearing for his life and that of the other two officers at the scene, Officer Porter shot and killed Mr. Baker. A grand jury indicted Mr. Porter for manslaughter after a lengthy investigation by the Baltimore Police Department. Following the indictment in December of 2015 , Officer William Porter was subsequently terminated from his position with the Baltimore Police Department for violating departmental policies in regards to the incident with Kenneth Barker in April of 2015 . Officer Porter has also been charged with second-degree assault, reckless endangerment, and misconduct in office. Mr. Porter pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Officer William Porter took the stand on Monday afternoon to testify on his own behalf during the trial. He told jurors that he was in shock after shooting Baker and said that he had intended to Taser him. Officer Porter testified that he thought Mr. Baker was crazy and suicidal, but felt like he had no time to come up with a different plan to de-escalate the situation or use his Taser on Baker (which was clipped on the back of his utility belt and would have been difficult to access without notice). Officer Porter told jurors that he did not report firing his weapon because he was scared of losing his job. I knew I was in the wrong, Porter testified. I didn’t want to be in the news I became aware of the severity about 20 minutes later when other officers arrived, after paramedics had already attempted lifesaving measures on Mr. Baker and he had already passed away. For now, Officer Porter will not be sentenced for his crimes until the completion of both the current case and the second-degree assault charges. He faces a maximum penalty of 33 years in prison if convicted on all charges. A date for trial 2 has yet to be set, but it is expected to begin later this year. Mr. William Porter is still facing charges and currently free on bail.

The final decision is in the hands of Judge Williams, who will instruct the jury on the law and then send them to deliberate. No matter how their verdict falls, Officer Porter’s career as a Baltimore Police Officer has ended.

He will be retried on June 13th for his role in the death of Kenneth Baker. Baltimore Police Officer William Porter Retrial Date Set For June .

Baltimore police officer who killed man with knife is also charged in assault case

In a shocking turn of events, it has been discovered that Baltimore Police Officer William Porter is also charged with second-degree assault over an incident which took place six months prior to the death of Freddie Gray . It has been discovered that in June of 2014, Officer Porter assaulted a man named Brian Baldridge during an arrest. The Baltimore Sun reports that Mr. Baldridge was arrested after he pulled up to the corner of West Lafayette Avenue and North Monroe Street in west Baltimore when he observed a man stabbing another individual. Officer Porter was the officer who took Mr. Baldridge into custody after a brief struggle, witnesses say that Officer Porter punched him multiple times, kicked him in his face and pepper sprayed him for no reason. Initially it was reported to the police department that Mr. Baldridge had attacked the officer, later it was discovered through a video recording device on Officer Porter’s uniform that he in fact assaulted Mr. Baldridge without provocation or cause .