November 19, 2022

Controversial November Baseball to be Held in April

In a much-anticipated move, Major League Baseball officially announced that the 2021 Fall Classic will be held in April. The date change is an effort to create more space between the World Series and the following season’s opening day, which has been historically crowded with expansion teams vying for postseason spots. This controversial decision was met with mixed reactions from baseball fans across North America.

​I don’t know why they just didn’t move the Series back to November,said St. Louis Cardinals fan Denise Plank. “It’s not like it’s never been done before.

​April is still the off-season, so what difference does it make? asked San Francisco Giants fan John Lickerman. I was more concerned about the logistics of moving up 162 games. That can’t be easy.

​The official announcement came from MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred, who said to a room full of reporters, As far as I know, Major League Baseball has never been played in April before. It’s a great opportunity for us to shake things up.

​I don’t think we’re going to struggle with shrinkage, if that’s what you’re wondering,Manfred added.

The move has invited criticism from certain MLB players who cite perceived safety issues and increased vacation time as reasons why they will not be participating in the upcoming season. The list of players refusing to play is led by Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz.

​I don’t think anyone really wants to go out there in the snow and cold,said Ortiz. It would be easier on everyone if they just moved it back to June or July.

​Not all players are opposed, however. New York Mets outfielder Curtis Granderson, who was named to the MLB Players Association executive board in January, has come out in favor of the change.

​I’m just happy that baseball is being played, said Granderson. There are way too many new teams popping up every year and we wouldn’t be able to forge a

fair postseason without expanding the playing season.

​The change to an earlier date has been met with great enthusiasm from the NHL and NBA, who both expressed interest in moving their respective championships up into October.

We want to be involved,said NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman. Baseball’s lead has given us a huge opportunity to try something new and it’s going to be huge for hockey.

We can’t wait, said NBA Commissioner Adam Silver. It will completely change the way we do business and it has already added millions of dollars to our revenue projections.

The league was last in action during Wild Card Weekend in January and is currently on a two-year hiatus until the Super Bowl in February of 2018.

​We’re not sure how we feel about this, said Green Bay Packers fan Ryan McCarthy. The NFL is kind of like our summer religion, so we don’t want anything to change.