December 9, 2022

Caring African Mom Checking Temperature Of Her Sick Child At Home, Girl In Blanket

College Students Say I Can’t Stop the Flu! I’m Overwhelmed with Influenza.

As the number of flu cases has continued to rise, so have the number of students who are feeling overwhelmed. Influenza is not just a seasonal occurrence anymore; it’s happening year-round and becoming more severe. There are many ways that you can stay healthy during this time, but some people will still get sick. What happens when you do? It might be helpful to know what symptoms to expect and how long they typically last so that you can better manage your health while fighting off influenza.

It is important to remember that not everyone will have all of the symptoms, and the severity may vary from person to person. In addition, if you start experiencing flu-like symptoms after a recent flu shot , it may be because you were injected with a live virus vaccine that can actually cause you to feel sick from an active infection for several weeks.

While you may feel achy, feverish and even break out in a rash when fighting the flu, it is important that you do not scratch your skin off when trying to relieve some of these symptoms. If you cannot stop scratching yourself until there are no bumps left on your skin, then it is likely that you have been infected with the Morgellons virus, which is currently plaguing the population.

We are being bitten by insects that are inserting eggs beneath our skin, and these eggs hatch baby spiders, claims Debra Lynne Lee , a nurse from Oregon who believes she has been suffering from this condition for nearly 10 years. I have personally extracted over one hundred spiny, fibrous ‘spider’ eggs from my skin in the past three years, she adds.

Why do so many people around the world believe that they have been infected with a disease that is not even recognized by doctors? What evidence do they have to substantiate their claims? According to the Morgellons Research Foundation, this disease typically manifests as a crawling sensation within and on the skin, accompanied by sores, scarring hair loss, and problems with joints and digestion.

Many affected report feeling insects crawling beneath or on their skin, writes The Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Frequently reported symptoms include

These fibers are about one millimeter long, white, red, blue, purple, or black. They often wind themselves into coils or can be twisted like rope. Some are accompanied by painful sores.

As the CDC report also notes, no parasites or mycobacteria have been consistently grown from Morgellons lesions… This suggests an alternate explanation for the fibers including clothing (e.g., cotton clothing sometimes contains colored thread and dyes that fluoresce under certain light), environmental contamination (e.g., fibers from carpeting, clothing or bedding), and delusional infestation (i.e., patients actually believe they have parasites)

The best possible thing you can do when infected with this disease is to refrain from using any insect repellents, pesticides or chemical fertilizers on your skin. If you are looking for relief, you should try Vitamin E oil instead.