December 10, 2022

College football selection calendar 2021

College football is arguably the most popular sport in America. Millions of people watch college games every Saturday, and it’s not just because they’re passionate about their favorite team. College football betting odds are also very high, which means that there are big money opportunities for those who bet wisely. In this article, we will talk about predicting winners against the spread and how to win at NCAA football betting by looking at Vegas odds for today’s top 25 games in week 6.

Predicting College Football Winners Vegas Odds and Projected Scores

Since we know that the bookmakers set the lines to attract equal bets on both sides, this means that the oddsmakers are experts in projecting teams’ strengths. They would not risk setting a line which they believe is too high or low for a certain team if their projections were not solid. If we could use that data to our advantage and apply it when predicting winners against the spread, we would gain an edge over the oddsmakers and be able to consistently beat them at their own game.

As you can see from my weekly predictions, I have a losing record this year so far with just 7 out of 26 games predicted accurately. In week 5, I correctly predicted just one game, and I should have recommended betting on the Texas A&M vs. Arkansas game which ended in a backdoor cover for the Razorbacks.

Only seven out of 26 games What is going on here?

One thing that comes to mind when looking at this record is that early in the season, many upsets and teams look much better than their records indicate, which makes predicting games very difficult. On the other hand, we have weeks where multiple underdogs cover easily and we find ourselves failing to identify those types of games.

We as bettors need to avoid getting caught up in extreme emotional reactions such as assuming all mid-major underdogs are easy money bets to win straight up or dismissing teams off after one or two bad performances. We must do our best to put ourselves in the shoes of the bookmakers and make honest assessments about which teams would be favored if they were playing on a neutral field. It’s all about using common sense, gathering information, and making informed decisions.

A high percentage of CFP eliminator games in week 6 CFP eliminator picks for week 6

Looking at the top 25 games in college football this weekend, we can see that there are seven such matchups. That is over 28% percent of all games started by teams ranked 1-25. This opens up a lot of opportunities for our College football CFP eliminator picks to rack up points. In week 5, we made a nice profit from our top 25 games by going 11 out of 15 right, but this was also because only two underdogs covered.