December 9, 2022

China Vaccinates Children as Young as 3

On the heels of President Trump skipping a meeting with ASEAN leaders, Vice President Joe Biden has pledged $100 million to help Southeast Asia in its fight against terrorism. This is not just about money, Biden said at the signing ceremony in Singapore on Monday. It’s also about our shared commitment to one another.

The Washington Post reports that Biden acknowledged the U.S.’s pivot away from Southeast Asia, which has been exacerbated by President Trump’s decision to skip the summit in favor of a visit with leaders from Japan, South Korea and China. The former vice president said America’s engagement would not be abruptly ended, but instead reformed towards new challenges. Biden has been a vocal critic of the Trump administration’s relationship with Russia and China.

The U.S.’s role in Southeast Asia had been one of its foreign policy priorities for more than 25 years, after President George H.W. Bush launched his outreach program to ASEAN countries in 1989, but that progress was stalled after President Trump announced plans to cancel joint military exercises with South Korea.

We are the world’s oldest continuous democracies, and we share a lot of common values, Biden said on Monday. We have an obligation, all of us, to ensure that our children inherit a better world than the one we did.

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