December 10, 2022

Braves, Padres Hire Managers and Gold Glove Award Finalists

The Atlanta Braves have announced that they have hired Brian Snitker as their new manager for 2017. Snitker will be the third base coach with the team in 2016, and if all goes well, he’ll take over when current manager Fredi Gonzalez is let go at season’s end. The Braves are also looking to make some changes on defense this year, trading away defensive players like Jason Heyward and Justin Upton in favor of more offensive power hitters.

The San Diego Padres have finally found a way to end their long search for a new manager by hiring Andy Green from the Arizona Diamondbacks organization. It has been reported that former Padre Bud Black was in talks with both teams but ultimately rejected an offer from San Diego to stay with the Diamondbacks.

The Miami Marlins are on the brink of trading away two of their top outfielders in Christian Yelich and Giancarlo Stanton. The front office is said to be looking for some younger players in return while also trying to cut salary, claiming that they won’t be able to afford them next year when their big contracts come off the books.

And in a not so shocking development, Alex Rodriguez is retiring from baseball after spending twenty years in the big leagues. A-Rod says that he’s been dealing with injuries for quite some time now and still suffers from pain when playing both on offense and defense. There have been talks of Rodriguez looking to become manager for one of the teams in New York, but nothing has been announced just yet.

The Boston Red Sox were able to beat out the Los Angeles Dodgers in order to get Pablo Sandoval back on their team. The Red Sox decided that they would stay with him despite his surgery this off-season and are giving the Kung Fu Panda another shot. There’s still plenty of time for them to move him if he doesn’t start doing well, and the Dodgers are still looking for a third baseman to take over.

The Toronto Blue Jays have opened up their purse strings in order to get Edwin Encarnacion back on their team, but it seems that he’s not interested in returning to Canada just yet. Instead, it looks like the Dominican slugger will join the Texas Rangers, who have been in talks with him for quite some time now.

The Baltimore Orioles are starting to look towards next season and beyond after having a dismal 2016 season. They’ve decided to let go of their manager Buck Showalter and their GM Dan Duquette in order to focus on 2017 and hopefully making it past the wild card round.

In a shocking turn of events, the Seattle Mariners have hired Jerry Dipoto as their new general manager after he recently stepped down from that role with the Los Angeles Angels. The move comes just a day after resigning from his position as GM for the Mariners. There’s been no word on whether or not current GM Jack Zduriencik will stay with the team, but we should expect to hear something in the near future.

The Seattle Mariners have been looking for someone to fill their GM role ever since Jack Zduriencik stepped down from his position earlier this month. It turns out that they’ve been talking to Jerry Dipoto from the Los Angeles Angels and have decided to hire him for the position. This will be Dipoto’s third time in a GM role, so hopefully he’ll be able to bring some good luck for Seattle this season and beyond.

The Cleveland Indians are looking like they’re going to end up with another pennant this year with their current roster. They’ve been eyeing a couple of outfielders from the Kansas City Royals to possibly replace Michael Brantley, but nothing has been announced just yet.

The Chicago Cubs have found themselves in talks with the Kansas City Royals about trading for Alex Gordon this year. The talks haven’t advanced very far just yet, but it’s possible that the two teams will get into serious discussions sometime soon.