March 25, 2023

Bosses HC Andy Reid gives injury refreshes in front of Wednesday practice

The Kansas City Chiefs will have their first act of the week in front of their Week 13 game against the Denver Broncos.

Andy Reid gave his common pre-practice injury update to the media on Wednesday. He clarified that three players would be missing from training to begin the week, however just one of those players is managing a physical issue.

Truly, Fenton is the main injury we have, Reid said. He stressed his knee a tad. So he won’t rehearse today.

Fenton endured his physical issue during the Week 11 game against the Dallas Cowboys. He slammed his knee against a play and slithered to the sideline, passing on the rest of the game. His MRI uncovered a slight strain, yet nothing critical enough to land him on harmed save. Screen his status over time as he’s been one of the better cornerbacks for the Chiefs this season.

Concerning the two unlucky deficiencies not identified with injury, two of the Chiefs’ top recipients are apparently pardoned and will miss practice to begin the week.

Non-injury related are Hardman and Hill, Reid proceeded. We expect them back here generally fast.

Reid likewise gave some unique circumstance and lucidity encompassing late initiations and positions on the harmed hold list. The Chiefs enacted OL Kyle Long from the Reserve/PUP list on Tuesday. Reid talked about Long’s status and regardless of whether he got an opportunity to play in Week 13.

Tune in, so he’s had a few decent long stretches of training, Reid said. Sort of moving his direction back in. He’s up, he will rehearse today. I think the term is enacted onto the program. We’ll simply perceive how it goes.

It’s anything but an assurance that Long is dynamic for the Week 13 game against the Broncos, yet Reid additionally didn’t preclude the chance, stressing the significance of the training week for Long.

One of the astonishments from Tuesday’s list moves was Khalen Saunders’ position on harmed hold. Reid gave some new data about the knee injury that Saunders has been managing since Week 7.

So Khalen hurt his knee and it was somewhat of a strange arrangement, Reid said. I don’t know I could even let you know when it occurred. Be that as it may, he had a little piece of ligament and it flipped up in there and it was messing with him. So we dealt with it—our PCPs dealt with it.

Reid likewise gave a short update on both Mike Remmers and Joshua Kaindoh, who stay on harmed hold. As per Reid, neither one of the players is at the point, either solid or in any case, to be assigned to get back to rehearse.