November 19, 2022

Boeing suffers from Dreamliner delays

Boeing has been plagued with delays in their new Dreamliner jet, and now these issues are starting to affect the company. The company announced on Wednesday that they will be delaying the delivery of the first 747-8 freighter aircraft by six months because of parts shortages. Boeing’s quarterly earnings report was not all bad news though. They showed a record number of 737 deliveries, but this positive news was overshadowed by another delay in their flagship model – 787 Dreamliner.

The issue with the Dreamliner has to do with its batteries. Boeing is currently working with experts from around the world to figure out why these batteries are malfunctioning, and thus far nobody has been able to resolve the issue. It’s starting to look like this problem will be affecting people at least until April 2013 (it was originally thought that it would be resolved by the end of 2012). This is a serious problem for Boeing, given that airlines have been cancelling orders and delaying deliveries because of it.

The 747-8 freighter is just one of two new models from Boeing that was thought to have been immune from the battery problems plaguing the Dreamliner. Given that this delay will likely also affect airlines, it’s possible that Boeing is delaying this aircraft by six months to make sure they have the time to fix the battery issue. This isn’t exactly good news for an already troubled company.

Boeing has had a lot of issues with their Dreamliner over the last year, and this latest problem is even resulting in lawsuits by airlines that are demanding compensation for the delay. However, this is good news for Airbus, who has been stealing customers from Boeing left and right since the inception of the Dreamliner.

Airbus has recently introduced two new planes – The A350-900 and A380-800 – both of which have taken huge orders from airlines around the world that were originally planning to buy Dreamliners. Given this, as well as the track record of Airbus planes in comparison to those made by Boeing, it will be interesting to see if this problem with the Dreamliner is resolved soon and how it affects the future of Boeing.

The delays that Boeing is having with their 787 Dreamliner are not just affecting airlines. Because of this, the company has taken a $1 billion hit on revenue as well as lost hundreds of future orders from customers around the world. If they cannot resolve this issue by April 2013 (the latest projection for when batteries will be fixed and planes returned to service), it is possible that they will lose even more customers and miss out on future opportunities.

The issue with the 787 Dreamliner mainly has to do with its new lithium-ion batteries, which have been catching on fire and causing smoke and other problems for planes. Boeing is working hard to find a solution to this problem, but if it is not resolved by April 2013, airlines around the world will be more reluctant to order additional Dreamliners in fear of having them grounded.

This problem has already forced carriers like All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines to delay or cancel deliveries on their planes, while others are refusing to take possession of their new aircraft.