November 19, 2022

Biden needs to unite Democrats and win 2020

Joe Biden is the candidate that Democrats want to see win in 2020. He has experience, he can unite the party and represent moderate voters. The question now becomes how will he do it? It’s time for him to make his agenda clear and tell us what he plans on doing with this country if elected president.

If there is one thing that Democrats can agree on, it’s that Donald Trump has done more damage to the US than any other candidate running for president in recent history. The world is at a crossroads of being thrust into an apocalyptic future where nuclear weapons are thrown around between countries. Climate change is happening with earthquakes and huge hurricanes making landfall. We need a leader that can get us out of this mess.

Donald Trump is not the type of person who will do this for us. In fact, he has done more harm to America’s reputation than anything else. He thought it was funny to make fun of an American soldier losing his life in combat during a speech before the election. He has publicly slammed allies like Germany and Mexico for not doing enough to help the US financially, while praising countries like Russia for their assistance. Most of all he has made our country seem weak on the international stage.

Putin is laughing at us right now. If Donald Trump had his way, America would become a third world country that would only serve the 1% that he is a part of. He doesn’t care about you or your children’s future. The only thing that matters to him is his own wealth and power.

Democrats need someone who can help us get out of this mess, and Joe Biden is our best shot. He has served as Vice President under Barack Obama for 8 years, helping lead the country in all aspects of war and peace. No one in United States history has ever had his level of expertise when it comes to foreign policy. That is why President Obama himself urged Joe Biden to run for president this year.

It can’t be understated that Joe Biden would be a massive step up from Donald Trump. We need a leader that can restore America’s place as the most powerful nation in the world. Joe Biden is just this type of person, and he just needs to convince enough Democrats that he’s what we need to win in 2020.

As far as the Democratic base goes, Joe Biden is a shoein for 2020. He’s instantly inoffensive and can appeal to moderates and independents with his experience in the Obama administration. With Trump sinking in approval ratings we would be crazy not to run him against Trump when he has all of these things going for him.

The only thing that concerns me is the fact that Joe Biden has been a member of the political elite for as long as I can remember. It’s possible that Joe Biden will be too old by 2020, and he’ll have to step back from politics entirely before then. If this happens we’d have no choice but to nominate a younger candidate who doesn’t share his views.

Joe Biden is simply not the future of this party when we have so many vibrant and diverse options in front of us. Someone like Kamala Harris, who can speak to all Americans and has a bright future in politics would be a much better option going forward for Democrats instead of reverting back to the 1990s. Joe Biden, despite all of his good qualities, is not the best option that Democrats have for 2020.