December 10, 2022
Ben Affleck fell asleep on his honeymoon

Ben Affleck fell asleep on his honeymoon

Ben Affleck fell asleep on his honeymoon!

Hollywood stars Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez got married last week.

After the wedding, they went to France in a private plane to celebrate their honeymoon.

Ben Affleck was caught on paparazzi’s camera while going there. That picture is now viral on social media.

Ben Affleck is seen sleeping soundly on a boat in a viral photo. The mouth is slightly open.

Ben probably never imagined that paparazzi cameras would catch him in the middle of the river.

And that’s why he slept peacefully. But where is saved!

As soon as the picture of the actor sleeping went viral on social media, netizens started joking about it.

Several memes have been created using this image

Ben Affleck fell asleep on his honeymoon

Some of the fans are saying, ‘You don’t have to be Batman, that’s why Ben slept peacefully.’

Many people again criticized the paparazzi for capturing such a private moment of Ben.

Jennifer and Ben Affleck first met on the set of Gigli in 2002. They got engaged in 2003 and the wedding date was fixed.

But their relationship broke due to unknown reasons.

The pair was spotted together again last year.

They got married on July 16, 19 years after their first engagement.