January 28, 2023
Babar Azam overtook Kohli

Babar Azam overtook Kohli

Babar Azam overtook Kohli

Which is the most beautiful shot of cricket? -In answer to this question, the majority vote will probably go in favor of the cover drive.

It is said that the epitome of a batter’s nobility is the beauty of his cover drives.

This shot is also very enjoyable for the audience.

A batsman’s class is also usually determined by how well the batsman can play cover drives.

Every great batsman of the current generation plays the cover drive brilliantly.

However, former England captain Nasser Hossain thinks that Babar Azam is the best in cover drives.

  • Among the current generation of cricketers, there are quite a few batsmen who play the cover drive well.
  • But among these many, this shot in the bat of Gutiktak gets a different level.
  • The bat is like an artist’s brush in their hands. At 22 yards he scratched the ball of Tuli and they played a cover drive.
  • Virat Kohli of India, Joe Root of England, Kane Williamson of New Zealand, Babar Azam of Pakistan or Liton Das of Bangladesh;
  • Viewers won’t mind sitting for hours to watch each of their cover drives.
  • But who can play this shot the best of them? – It is a bit difficult to answer such a question.
  • The cover drive shot is best played by Kohli or Root according to many.
  • However, former England captain Nasser Hossain is not in this team.
  • Rather than opting for Swadeshi Root or Kohli, he is opting for Babar Azam, one of the best batsmen of all time.
  • Babar Azam’s cover drive is the best batsman of this generation, according to Nasser,
  • knowing that India’s fans may suffer if Babar is not selected.

His technique is the most perfect

Babar Azam overtook Kohli

He said, ‘I apologize to the supporters of India. I am slightly biased and choose Babur. I could have chosen Kohli too, but he is a bit different. He can flick a quick flick of the wrist, but Babar goes for it conventionally.’

This former English batsman and cricket scholar gives advice to the new generation who wants to play cricket, who wants to learn cover drives. He suggests watching Babar’s batting to learn cover drives. He said, ‘If any young cricketer wants to learn cover drive, I would say watch Babar Azam’s batting.’

After entering the international cricket, Babar Azam quickly took himself to the ranks of the best. He is currently the top batsman in the world in both white ball formats. He is also in the top three in the Test rankings. As the captain of Pakistan, he is taking himself among the best.