January 27, 2023
Another name for the controversy is the world's best all-rounder

Another name for the controversy is the world's best all-rounder

Another name for the controversy is the world’s best all-rounder

The word controversy is nothing new in Shakib Al Hasan’s career. Ever since his debut in 2006, the world’s best ODI all-rounder has loved being in the limelight for various reasons. Controversial behavior with spectators, obscene gestures on TV cameras, bad behavior with umpires on the field including threats to leave the national team, contact with bookies, what did Shakib do? Due to these reasons, he has been banned from BCB and ICC several times. Now the agreement with surrogate organizations of betting sites has been added to that list.

If you change a famous dialogue of Indian Bengali films, it will match well with Shakib Al Hasan’s career. Shakib doesn’t watch the news, he doesn’t listen to the news, he makes the news. A year ago, in a discussion with journalists, he himself said that Shakib should be kept in Bangladesh cricket in the need of media, otherwise, no other cricketer will provide so much news.

  • Shakib Al Hasan likes to be in discussion since the beginning of his career. Be it positive or negative. Shakib’s main goal is to be in the title. In 2010, he started walking this different path. During a match against India, as a spectator was walking by the sidescreen, he raised his bat and threatened him.
  • During a match organized on the occasion of Victory Day in 2013, Shakib was taunted by the audience. He went up to the gallery and grabbed the visitor’s collar. Later, the incident was resolved with the intervention of field security personnel. He gave birth to two incidents in 2014. Banned for three matches for making obscene gestures on television cameras during a match against Sri Lanka on 21 February. Shakib punched a spectator during a match against India in the same year.

Offence, the spectator taunted Shakib’s wife

Another name for the controversy is the world's best all-rounder

Shakib faced BCB again in the same year. Banned for 6 months for playing in CPL without permission. In 2015, Shakib was banned for one match after misbehaving with umpire Tanveer Ahmed in a BPL match.In 2019, surpass everything. Shakib Al Hasan was banned for one year for hiding the incident of communication with Bazikar. But not the very polite boy who came back. In Dhaka Premier League in 2021, Shakib was criticized for kicking the stumps without accepting the umpire’s decision. Banned for three matches.

Apart from these, Shakib has been involved in conflicts with the board on various issues. In 2019, he gave birth to the discussion by not participating in the World Cup photo session. Shakib did not even come to the official photo session before the BPL final. Did the ad shoot, broke the covid protocol.