November 19, 2022

America’s Worst Intelligence Fiasco

America’s intelligence community has had a rough few years. Not only was the intelligence community unable to predict 9/11, they were also caught off guard by the rise of ISIS and the Arab Spring. In one of their most recent failures, America’s intelligence agencies failed to predict Kabul’s rapid collapse. With the fall of Kabul, ISIS managed to seize several chemical weapons caches, while some weapons were stolen by Jihadi militants still in Afghanistan.

Outraged by this lack of intelligence and security, the Trump Administration has brought over an old friend of America’s intelligence community, General John F. Kelly. Known for his strong character and outspoken nature, Kelly will be overseeing the reorganization of America’s intelligence agencies.

The CIA has become a shadow of what it once was when it comes to human intelligence, Kelly told reporters earlier today at the White House Press Briefing room. All they are is information gatherers, not spies or analysts.

Kelly went on to say that he agreed with President Trump’s decision to put more boots on the ground in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq.

We need to have people on the ground if we are going to fight ISIS effectively.

Kelly went even further when asked about what he will do to increase America’s security.

We have an opportunity here to keep Americans safe for many years, even decades to come. I will make sure that America’s security does not get screwed over anymore.

When asked if he would consider bringing back the notorious black sites for enhanced interrogation, Kelly said: I don’t like torture but our enemies use it against us… sometimes you need to fight fire with fire.

Even though he might not be decided on the use of torture, Kelly was quick to praise President Trump for his decision making.

Mr. Trump is an expert at negotiations… he knows how to get things done.

More information about General John F. Kelly’s plans are expected in the next few weeks. How he plans to increase America’s security will be revealed soon as well.

One thing is for sure, America’s intelligence community better get its act together or Kelly will have no qualms about bringing it back to the Stone Age where it belongs.

The source for this article is a news site called World News Daily Report. It appears they make up a lot of these stories and spread them through online news media. I found the above piece on two other sites, one of which claims to be satire. If you are not sure if something is real or not, I suggest you do some fact checking before sharing it with everyone you know. See Snopes , Politifact , Fact Check for ways to find out the truth. And remember – just because something is printed on paper or shown on TV does NOT make it true!

Be sure to share this article with your friends and family to see what they think about it. You never know — a fake news site might fool someone into thinking its real, or a typo might lead someone down the wrong path. Comments? Thoughts?