December 10, 2022

Alex Murdaugh Crime Timeline

Alex Murdaugh Crime Timeline is a visual timeline that allows you to see the events of his crime. The timeline starts with Alex’s arrest and ends with him being sentenced for life in prison.

The next section of the website goes into detail about each event, including what happened, when it happened, where it happened, and who was involved. Each event has a short description and a corresponding video.

The final section of the website contains information about Alex’s case, trial, and appeals. It includes official court decisions, victims’ statements, news articles, and letters from Alex Murdaugh.

This is an excellent example of how to present crime related content in an Angular application. Not only can you provide important information about an individual, but you can make it easy to follow their crime timeline.

The project was created by Will Clark using AngularJS and hosted on GitHub. If you would like to submit your work email us at [email protected]! Be sure to check out our other open-source projects too.

The author Will Clark is the creator of AngularJS which is a free GitHub video tutorial website geared towards those wanting to learn how to use the web version of Will also has a great list of AngularUi links for those interested in learning more about the open-source framework that is being used by many to build their web apps.

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