December 8, 2022

Afghanistan’s Wealth of American Money

The history of Afghanistan is a complicated one, fraught with tribal wars and religious strife. The country’s recent history has been defined by the Soviet invasion, followed by decades of civil war. In 2001, this instability led to the American invasion that toppled the Taliban government in Kabul. In many ways it was a victory for democracy and peace in that region of our world – but at what cost?

In America we hear about how much money is being spent on rebuilding Afghanistan from time to time – but do we ever stop to think about where all this money came from? These so-called “9/11 millionaires” have given us a taste of their own medicine: breaking an economy through mass corruption and greed.

That is why we decided to launch this investigation. Our goal was to provide you with an inside look into the daily life of those who enjoy Western company, and view it as their due after all they’ve been through fighting for our democratic values.

Today we will show you how Afghanistan has gained a foothold in America and yet still maintains the very same tribal and religious divisions that have caused such turbulence in their own country. We will show you how money flows away from our soldiers and into the hands of those we thought we had defeated, and who continue to wage a shadow war against us.

We believe that if Americans truly understood what is happening right now, they would express outrage at the government for allowing it to happen, and at the news media for failing to report on these issues. Our goal is simply to show you what is happening in our name, so that Americans everywhere can be informed of their past actions and begin asking questions about their future course of action.

The information contained in this article was obtained through various sources, and is presented in a unified, coherent format. Any notes will be added at the end of the article, or in brackets before relevant paragraphs.

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has been responsible for both directly and indirectly delivering arms from Eastern Europe into Afghanistan. The CIA’s official mission statement refers to “a unique organization in which employees are inspired by a single, overriding purpose: to help safeguard the security of our nation”

The CIA spends a large amount of time dedicating their efforts to monitoring and intervening in the affairs of foreign nations. In fact it is evident that the CIA has been successful in its mission to “safeguard the security” of our nation, especially when one takes into account the United States’s recent track record. For much of America’s history since WWII it has fought without a major enemy within its own borders, so there has been no need to maintain large standing armies or active troops overseas. Instead Americans have found themselves under attack by well-organized and targeted groups such as the Ku Klux Klan, Al Qaeda  and now – much to everyone’s surprise – white supremacists.

Since the end of WWII in 1945 the American government has been forced to confront several major problems: nuclear proliferation; insurgencies; illegal immigration; drug trafficking; and organized crime. While the “War on Terror” has become the defining factor in recent American history, it is important to recognize that these problems have been with us since WWII. The only difference is that while America was preoccupied with its own internal struggles, these problems were able to expand and develop into larger issues.